Strange Bin Magic, This Is Mysterious Building in the World

Jakarta – Travelers often explore a place armed with curiosity. Here are 7 mysterious buildings in the world. Mysterious buildings are not only about mystical and horror. There are many causes and reasons that make the building called mysterious. Curious travelers don’t have to bother spending money to explore it. Because not all of these … Lire la suite

This Woman Threatened with Jail After Bombarding 1,000 Text Messages to Ex-Boyfriends

Photo: doc. Michelle Felton Jakarta – Obsession and love are two different things. Often in love relationships only based on obsession but not love. That’s exactly what happened in the relationship between Michelle Felton and Ryan Harley. Michelle was so infatuated that she was obsessed with Ryan. Until the 28-year-old woman was dumped by Ryan, … Lire la suite

Special, Kaesang-Erina Prewedding in Rare Sand Dunes in the World

Jakarta – Kaesang Pangarep and Erina Sofia Gudono are known to have carried out a pre-wedding photo shoot at Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo. Gumuk is one of the favorite tourist destinations. This pre-wedding location has been confirmed by the Bantul Regency Government through the official Twitter account @pemkabbantul. In his tweet, it was stated that Kaesang … Lire la suite

Zodiac Forecast November 2: Virgo Don’t Give Up, Pisces Increase Vigilance

Jakarta – Cancer zodiac predictions, even if obstacles come your way, you should never take a step back. Here’s today’s horoscope forecast: Virgo zodiac prediction: Fortune: Stay enthusiastic in taking advantage of every gap that exists, especially in dealing with various problems that never end, so never give up because the opportunity is still there … Lire la suite

Zodiac Forecast November 2: Scorpio High Spending, Virgo Do Evaluation

Illustration of the zodiac forecast, November 2, 2022. Photo: Thinkstock Jakarta – Pisces horoscope for extravagance will make you dizzy today. Here’s your zodiac prediction for today: Scorpio zodiac forecast: Luck: Worry is indeed enveloping your heart so it’s normal if the next step becomes disturbed because of these feelings of anxiety, try to be … Lire la suite

Surfing Man Statue, Lakey Dompu Beach Surf Paradise Icon

Dompu – Visiting Dompu Regency on Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), a traveler will see a statue of a surfing person. This statue is an icon of Lakey Beach which is famous as a surfers paradise. This statue is right in the heart of the city or at the City Park roundabout, again in … Lire la suite

Stunning Digital Art Can Now Be Enjoyed at Marina Bay Sands

Singapore – Travelers on vacation to Singapore can enjoy stunning digital artwork at Marina Bay Sands through Future World and Digital Light Canvas. Visitors to Marina Bay Sands can enjoy a breathtaking journey across the sky, land and sea below as teamLab’s international collection of artworks unveiled large-scale digital installations in two of the resort’s … Lire la suite