Beringin Corner: Contemporary Photo Spot in Singkawang, Beautiful at Night

Singkawang – Singkawang has a new photo spot, namely Beringin Corner. Travelers can take selfies with a variety of beautiful Chinese New Year decorations at night. Approaching Chinese New Year, the city of Singkawang continues to preen. Various corners of the city are beautified, including the Beringin Corner which was just inaugurated in 2020. Beringin … Read more

Vihara in Singkawang with Springs That Can Cure Diseases

Singkawang – In Singkawang, there is a monastery that has a spring that is known to be efficacious. That said, this spring has properties to cure various diseases. Like what? There are hundreds of temples in Singkawang. Each monastery has its own story and advantages. One of them is Vihara Ci Kung or Ji Gong … Read more

So More Fancy! Let’s Make Indomie Pasta Using These Ingredients

Jakarta – Instant noodles like Indomie it can be made more special with the use of certain materials. Like Indomie pasta with added cream cheese and tomato paste. Let’s make it! Fried and boiled instant noodles are a practical food stock in many Asian homes. They generally process instant noodles according to the instructions on … Read more

Upset! Woman Orders 100 Cakes When This Coffee Shop Closes

Jakarta – A woman named Kim just pissed off the entire staff of Starbucks Aberdeen, Scotland. He ordered 100 cakes in 10 minutes the coffee shop was about to close. Anyone who works in a restaurant will definitely be happy if they get food orders in large quantities. However, it would be annoying if this … Read more

Fuji and Tariq Dating, This is the Moment to Eat Hot Pot with Atta-Aurel

Jakarta – Fuji and Tariq Halilintar were widely discussed after ‘going public’ with their relationship. The two of them were also seen together at a dinner held by the Atta-Aurel family with hot pot treats. Fuji and Tariq Halilintar are now officially in a relationship. Both of them often show off romantic and adorable moments … Read more