10 Thousand Participants Ready to Compete in Hydro Coco Ramadhan Virtual Duathlon 2022

In order to welcome the holy month of Ramadan 2022, Hydro Coco, an original bottled coconut water drink, collaborated with the virtual event organizer Cause ID to hold a sports event titled Hydro Coco Ramadhan Virtual Duathlon 2022.

In accordance with the format, this event competes in two sports, namely running and cycling virtually.

Cause ID CEO and Co-founder Enrico Hugo said the event was aimed at inviting all Indonesians to continue to live a healthy lifestyle, even though they are fasting.

According to Hugo, some Indonesians still think that the fasting month is a reason to « vacuum » from exercise so you don’t get tired, thirsty and hungry, fasting actually has many health benefits. If coupled with exercise, the benefits of fasting will be much more optimal.

« As a company that is committed to inspiring everyone to live a healthy lifestyle, Cause wants to invite all Indonesians everywhere to actively participate in the Hydro Coco Ramadhan Virtual Duathlon 2022 during this month full of goodness, » said Enrico Hugo in Jakarta, Friday (1/01). 4/).

The virtual duathlon event was launched on Cause ID’s virtual run & ride platform March 21, 2022. The public’s enthusiasm for this event was extraordinary. In just 8 days since registration was opened, there were 10,000 people from 364 cities and regencies, as well as 34 provinces throughout Indonesia who registered as participants.

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The achievement of 10,000 participants who have been collected is a 100% increase from the number of registrants for the Hydro Coco Virtual Duathlon 2021. At that time the event was attended by 5,000 participants from all over Indonesia. Thanks to this extraordinary enthusiasm, this event became the largest virtual duathlon in Indonesia organized by Hydro Coco together with Cause ID.

« Through the Hydro Coco Ramadhan Virtual Duathlon, we want to invite people to keep exercising during Ramadan and educate them to break a healthy fast with coconut water, which has become a tradition in Indonesian families, » explained David Adisaputra, Brand Manager of Hydro Coco.

At the event, there were three choices of challenging categories that participants could participate in during their fasting worship, namely 21K Individual Run, 100K Individual Ride, and 21K Run + 100K Ride Individual Duathlon. Sports activities at Hydro Coco Ramadan Virtual Duathlon 2022 will officially start on April 2, 2022 until May 1, 2022.

Various attractive prizes as a form of appreciation for the efforts and participation of all participants have been provided thanks to the full support of the event sponsors, namely United Bike Indonesia, Amazfit Indonesia, Goodr C3, and 910 Nineten Shoes. Special prizes that have been provided in the form of Folding Bike United Nigma II, XOSS G+ Cyclocomps, JETE Open Ear 2, 910 Nagata Running Jersey, 910 Geist Ekiden, Amazfit Bip U Pro, Goodr Sunglasses, JBL Tune 110 and various other attractive prizes.

« Entering this event is very easy. With the help of technology available on the Cause platform, participants only need to connect an activity recording application/device such as Strava, Garmin, Polar, or Suunto to their Cause account and can immediately start collecting kilometers to complete the distance in their chosen category in Hydro Coco Ramadhan Virtual Duathlon 2022, » concluded David. (RO/OL-7)