10 Tourist Attractions in Malang Raya for School Holidays, Gas Rek!


Holidays have arrived. It’s time for a traveler to take his family on vacation to the Greater Malang area. Starting from nature tourism to entertainment, everything is there. This is the recommendation.

Malang Raya area is a metropolitan area in East Java. This area includes Malang City, Malang Regency, and Batu City.

Malang Raya is one of the favorite tourist destinations for families. The cool air is the reason people like to stop there. Moreover, the longer, the attractions in Malang Raya are also increasingly diverse.

To reach Malang Raya, there are several transportation options to choose from. Travelers can take advantage of modes of transportation such as planes, trains, buses, or using private vehicles.

Well, welcoming the holiday period, Malang Raya can be the right choice of destination. The following are recommendations for 10 tourist attractions in Malang Raya that can be visited during school holidays:

1. Hawaii Waterpark Malang

Hawaii Waterpark Malang. Photo: Muhammad Aminudin/detikJatim

Byur byur! Playing water in Malang City can be a fun activity to be enjoyed with children. Hawaii Waterpark is a swimming pool with 12 water rides suitable for travelers to visit.

Travelers also don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money because they only need to pay the entrance ticket, you can enjoy all the rides at no additional cost. The entry ticket price is IDR 75,000 on weekdays and IDR 100,000 for weekends.

In addition to providing various rides, there is also a food court area to Instagramable spots. The location of the Hawaii Waterpark is also easy to reach. It is located not far from the Singosari toll exit.

2. Heritage

poor handMalang Handicraft. Photo: special

Want to enjoy the old Malang atmosphere? You can come to Kayutangan Heritage which is located on Jalan Basuki Rahmat, Malang City.

At first glance, the atmosphere of Kayutangan Heritage is like in Malioboro, Yogyakarta. There the traveler can enjoy the view of the antique street lamps or just sit on the bench that has been provided.

When hungry, a traveler can also enjoy the culinary delights sold at the stalls and street vendors there. No need to worry about motor vehicle noise. The solemn atmosphere at Kayutangan Heritage can be felt because vehicles are prohibited from passing at night.

3. Malang Night Paradise

Malang Night ParadiseMalang Night Paradise. Photo: (Aisa Marisa/d’Traveler)

This tourist attraction is suitable for photo hunters to visit. Malang Night Paradise offers the beauty of LED lights that are packaged in various themes.

Coming there is guaranteed to make a traveler satisfied. This is because the tour provides an international standard photo spot.

4. Masjid Jami’ Malang

Great Mosque of Jami MalangGreat Mosque of Jami Malang. Photo: Special

If you want to worship while admiring the architecture of the mosque, you can do it at Masjid Jami’ Malang. This mosque is the oldest in Malang and has become a symbol of tolerance.

The location is in the Malang City Square area. Next to it is the Immanuel Church which is a place of worship for Christians.

The mosque combines two architectural styles, namely Javanese and Arabic. Javanese style can be seen from the roof of the mosque in the form of a tajug. While the Arabic style can be seen from the towers and arch construction on the doors and windows.

5. Oen Shop

Toko Oen, Jalan Basuki Rahmat or north from Malang City SquareToko Oen, Jalan Basuki Rahmat or north from Malang City Square Photo: Muhammad Aminudin

Not far from Malang City Square, there is a legendary ice cream shop, Toko Oen. Eating ice cream at Toko Oen is also an activity that you should not miss when traveling to Malang.

Toko Oen has been around since 1930. So it’s not surprising that a traveler will see the nuances of the Netherlands there. In addition to selling ice cream, Toko Oen also serves a variety of western, Chinese, and Indonesian menus.

6. Pujon Kidul Tourism Village

Pujon Kidul tourist villagePujon Kidul Tourism Village. Photo: cafesawah_pujonkidul/Instagram

Shifting to Malang Regency, precisely in Pujon District, there is a village that offers stunning tourist attractions. Its name is Pujon Kidul Tourism Village.

Pujon Kidul Tourism Village is suitable for travelers who want to heal and enjoy a beautiful and serene village atmosphere. Especially if a traveler comes with children, this place offers educational tours where visitors can learn about agriculture and animal husbandry.

In addition, Pujon Kidul Tourism Village also has outbound facilities, such as paintball, ATV, trail, and archery. If you want to taste local cuisine, you can also stop by Cafe Sawah.

7. Three-Colored Beach

beachThree Colors Beach Malang. Photo: (Majawati/d’Traveler)

Besides being known for its highlands, Malang also has beaches that are no less beautiful than other regions in Indonesia. One of them is Tiga Warna Beach which is located in Sitiarjo Village, Sumber Manjing Wetan District, Malang Regency.

The uniqueness of this beach can be seen from its name. Yup, Tiga Warna Beach has water with three different colors, namely green, blue, and reddish brown.

One of the activities that can be done there is playing in the water. Then visitors can also try snorkeling to enjoy the view of the coral reefs.

8. Stone Secret Zoo

secret zoo stoneSecret Zoo Stone. Photo: Nfadils/d’Traveler

Want to invite children to see animals in Malang Raya? Batu Secret Zoo in Batu City is where it is.

Batu Secret Zoo is a zoo located inside Jatim Park 2. There, a traveler will see various types of animals from various countries. Starting from various primates, birds, elephants, to giraffes.

9. Try Pitu Source

Coban Sumber Pitu Waterfall in MalangCoban Sumber Pitu Waterfall in Malang. Photo: Pradikta Kusuma/d’Traveler

Malang Regency has a number of charming and refreshing waterfalls (coban). One of the highlights is Coban Sumber Pitu.

As the name suggests, Coban Sumber Pitu has seven waterfalls that are located close together. This waterfall falls from a cliff as high as 50 meters and is surrounded by green trees.

10. Jatim Park 1

Jatim Park 1 is the first playground built at this location.  Jatim Park combines the concept of education with entertainment, just like Dunia Fantasi in Jakarta.Jatim Park 1 is the first playground built at this location. Jatim Park combines the concept of education with entertainment, just like Dunia Fantasi in Jakarta. Photo: Jatim Park doc

Enjoying Dufan-style rides in Batu City, you can do at Jatim Park 1. There are various rides that trigger adrenaline such as flying tornado, spinning coaster, flying fox, and others.

In addition, Jatim Park 1 also offers educational tours in the form of miniature traditional houses that teach the peculiarities of the tribes in Indonesia. Right, enjoyed with the children?

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