15 Welcome August Quotes, Inspirational and Aesthetic Suitable for Social Media Status


Welcome August! Entering the month of August, it indicates that we have passed half the journey in 2022.

Of course, there have been many stories that have happened in the last six months and we should have responded to the arrival of August with a positive and full of motivation.

To add to your enthusiasm for the month of August, there’s nothing wrong with listening to various welcome August quotes that you can share with your friends and colleagues via social media.

1. “Goodbye July, Hello August.”

2. “Hello August, surprise me.”

3. “Good things will happen soon. Welcome August.”

4. “Welcome, August! May this month be well spent and filled with lots of love, smiles and happiness.”

5. “Welcoming the month of August. Every new day is a blessing. Be grateful for every moment.”

6. “Hello August! I welcome more laughter, more love, less stress, less negative thoughts and more good things.”

Illustration of welcome August quotes. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/marekuliasz

7. “Welcoming August. The month where I start a new day and walk from victory to victory.”

8. “Welcome August! May the days that we go through in the future will be brighter and happier than yesterday.”

9. “Thank you July and welcome August. There is a lot of hope in this month so that everyone will be spared from all kinds of diseases and dangers that once haunted them.”

10. “Welcome August, may this month we all be filled with happiness, safety, and good luck.”

11. “Welcome August. Always smile and hope that tomorrow will always be a bright and warm day like the sun that always shines on the Earth.”

Welcome August illustration.Illustration of welcome August quotes. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/marekuliasz

12. “Happy new month! Live your days with positive thoughts. Stop swearing, cursing and harsh words. Pray more.”

13. “Hello August. In this month let’s hope to be a better, happier and more useful person for everyone.”

14. “Fighting is a must, but rest is also important. Don’t tire yourself out too much this month, because August isn’t that short.”

15. “Welcome August. Hopefully in this month there will always be new exciting stories and there is always a change in every doubt.”

Those are some welcome August quotes that you can use as motivation or inspiration to welcome this August.

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