31 Teams Participate in the UNJ Cup I Affirmation Futsal Tournament

Papua Affirmation STUDENTS and UNJ SM3T held the UNJ Cup I Jakarta Affirmation Futsal Tournament at the Futsal Velodrom Building Rawamangun Jakarta. The activity raised the theme « Forging Friendship and upholding sportsmanship without limits » and was opened by the Head of the DKI Jakarta Dispora, represented by Bobby Feri Andriyanto, Head of Sports for the East Jakarta Sudinpora.

Bobby said the 2022 UNJ Cup Affirmation Futsal Tournament was the inaugural activity which was attended by 22 men’s teams and 9 women’s teams from West Papua students and other regional students from various campuses throughout Jabodetabek.

« Dispora is proud that the Papuan Affirmation and SM3T students can organize a futsal tournament between students throughout Jabodetabek, » Bobby said in his remarks, in Jakarta, Thursday (31/03).

According to him, this tournament activity can strengthen the spirit of sportsmanship, creativity and brotherhood among students, » he said.

Bobby added that in the future his party will continue to encourage positive activities for the development of potential in students.

« It is hoped that similar activities like this can be carried out on other campuses, especially campuses in the Jakarta area, » he said.

At the end of his speech, he hoped that the participants would continue to uphold sportsmanship and the spirit of unity among students.

« Continue to uphold sportsmanship and the spirit of unity as citizens of the nation in students, » Bobby urged.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs of FIS UNJ, Abdul Haris Fatgehipon, explained that the Affirmation Futsal activity of UNJ CUP 2022 was a step to get to know fellow Papuan students from various campuses on the island of Java.

« This activity is a way to get to know fellow Papuan students from various campuses, especially around the island of Java. In addition, UNJ hopes that this activity can inspire a spirit of togetherness and brotherhood for students, » Haris continued.

Samuel Doko, Mechanical Engineering Student of UNJ as the Steering Committee, expressed his deepest appreciation to the committee who had worked hard to make the futsal tournament a success.

« Hopefully this activity can channel the talents of colleagues without having to think about the barriers that separate us from others and this event can be sustainable, especially in finding the talents of students from Papua and West Papua in the field of sports, » said the young man from the Boven Digoel area.

In the same place, Mazlan, the executive secretary from Bengkalis, explained that there were several categories that were contested in this activity.

« The UNJ CUP 2022 Affirmation Futsal activity that is contested is a general category. So outside parties can participate and this activity aims to form sportsmanship and build friendships because in the future we will blend in with the community, » said Mazlan.

« The enthusiasm of outsiders is extraordinary to take part in this activity, so that it exceeds the target we have set. The prizes in this activity are trophies, coaching money and award certificates. (OL-13)

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