4 Kediri Tourism Like Abroad, What Are?


Next year, Kediri will have its own airport, Dhoho Airport. There are also many Kediri attractions here, such as abroad. What are you?

Kediri is one of the cities in East Java that has many tourist destinations similar to those abroad. From monuments to Crop Circle.

Let’s take a look at the Kediri tours one by one!

1. Simpang Lima Gumul

At first glance, a traveler will find the famous Arc de Triomphe monument in Paris, France. Even though it’s not, this is the Arc de Triomphe made in Kediri, the name is the Simpang Lima Gumul Monument.

Simpang Lima Gumul was built in 2003 and inaugurated in 2008. The monument has a building area of ​​804 square meters. Its height reaches 25 meters consisting of 6 floors, and is supported by 3 stairs as high as 3 meters from the ground floor.

The figures for the area and height of the monument reflect the date, month, and year of the anniversary of Kediri Regency, which is March 25, 804 AD. Kediri tourism is popular as a cheap hangout place for residents of Kediri and its surroundings.

2. Indian Village

Indian Village is a village that offers the feel of an Indian Tribe like in America, but it is located in Sempu Village, Ngancar District, Kediri Regency.

Kampung Indian Kediri has an area of ​​​​about 0.56 hectares with shades of green and beautiful mountain views. This place also has a swimming pool so that children or families can enjoy swimming together with clear water.

To be able to enjoy this tour, you don’t need to dig into your pocket too deep, only Rp. 5000 is enough. The photo spots are also very many and interesting.

3. English Village

For this destination, it doesn’t look the same as in England, but the everyday language used by its citizens is English, so we feel like we are abroad. Actually, English Village in Pare is a village called Tulungrejo.

This English village in Pare, Kediri is already well-known among students who want to be proficient in speaking English. Many come here for English lessons and practice them right away.

4. Crop Circle

Crop Circle Tour in Kediri Photo: Andhika Dwi/detikcom

In 2019, the Crop Circle tour went viral in Kediri. The Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, promoted it as a tourist destination on Instagram.

This Crop Circle is located in a rice field area with an area of ​​2.1 hectares in the Kedungmalang Village area, Papar District, Kediri Regency, the work of the Citarum Raharja 2 farmer group (Poktan).

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