5 news about squid that are viral and make cyberspace shocking


To make a scene, several times the squid had become the subject of a viral conversation on social media. Starting from the masturbation tool to the issue of squid coming from a pig’s butt.

In addition to shrimp and fish, squid occupies a popular seafood position favored by many people. Its chewy and savory texture makes squid can be processed into any dish.

But squid often attracts attention on social media and the internet, because of the news related to this type of seafood. Starting from the news of squid being a masturbation tool that makes netizens nauseous.

Then the false rumors surrounding the squid which is said to have come from the rectum of the pig. Until the boiled squid becomes mush.

Here are five viral news related to squid that caused an uproar on social media.

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1. Squid Boiled So Porridge

5 news about squid that are viral and make a scene in cyberspace Photo: Site News

Usually squid has a tough texture and doesn’t break easily. But it’s different from the fresh squid bought by this woman from Sichuan, China.

Some time ago, this woman, whose identity was not disclosed, bought squid at one of the traditional markets there. At first there was nothing strange, until he decided to boil the squid in boiling water.

The woman was very surprised to find her squid turned into mush after being boiled for eight minutes. Not only crushed, even the shape of the squid was gone and turned into a thick white liquid.

Even according to his confession, the squid left a residue after five minutes of boiling. Then the shape and texture of the squid is completely lost, or blends into the water after being boiled for eight minutes. Responding to this video, the food regulatory agency in China immediately intervened.

2. Squid Becomes a Masturbation Tool

5 news about squid that are viral and make cyberspace shocking5 news about squid that are viral and make a scene in cyberspace Photo: Site News

Had made a scene because it was used as a male masturbation tool. Squid immediately became a trending topic or conversation on Twitter. The reason is in the upload, there are several screenshots or screenshots containing a man’s rant.

« Brother, what are you guys using (masturbating) coli? Yesterday I ran out of sustenance and today I cooked my mother squid. Then when I was washing the squid, my brain was traveling far away. when I tried it, it was really good, » said the man, complete with a photo of the squid he had just cleaned.

Suddenly, many netizens were shocked and immediately traumatized by wanting to eat squid. Within hours, this tweet went viral and garnered hundreds of comments.

3. Calamari Calamari from Pork Anal

Fake news or hoaxes are the daily food of internet users. It’s like false news about the explanation that calamari squid, which is usually processed into deep-fried squid, actually tastes like pork anus. This news comes from a message shared on the WhatsApp application.

Then this news went viral after being shared by the Twitter account @qeels88. He was surprised because his mother almost believed that calamari squid was made from pig’s anus, although of course that was not true at all.

Due to the emergence of this false issue, news about the anus of pork and squid has gone viral on social media, especially on Twitter.

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