5 Simple Ways to Make Him Happy with the Love Language ‘Gift’


Gifts giving (gifts) is a love language that focuses on giving and receiving tangible gifts. Sadly, type love language this one is often misunderstood as something materialistic. In fact, giving and receiving gifts can be done in a simple way!

This expression of love can have a big impact on someone, especially if since childhood they have associated love with tangible things. Actions full of affection and concern from type love language ‘gifts giving’ This makes the gift a physical symbol that can emphasize the expression of love for a partner. Through simple gifts that don’t have to be expensive, you can already knock on her heart.

No need to be confused when you want to give a gift, here are some simple ways to make him happy with the love language ‘gift’ that was quoted from blinkist and verywellmind.

1. Enjoy the Art of Giving Gifts

The fun of giving gifts is limitless when you just buy and give them away. More than that, you can enjoy the art of giving gifts. Starting from choosing the right gift for your partner, preparing attractive gift wrapping, writing romantic words on greeting cards to tuck, to finding the right moment to give it to your partner.

Although sometimes it takes extra effort, with sincere intentions this whole process can be fun. Moreover, if in the end can make him happy. Come on, try it!

2. Don’t Miss Special Moments

One of the important things to make him happy with gifts is to give them at special moments. Do not let you miss this because you forgot or are too busy. For that, prepare a reminder or reminder on your smartphone calendar to help remember important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and others.

3. Prepare Souvenirs When Traveling

If you often travel out of town or even abroad for work, this method can be a surefire way to make him happy. Especially if your partner has never visited the place. Prepare gifts to give when you meet later, and let your lover know that you are thinking about them even though you are far apart.

4. Surprise even on a bad day

Gifts don’t always have to be given in happy moments. You can also give gifts when your partner is down, for example, when he is sad because he has experienced a certain failure or his mood is bad because of school/work problems.

You can bring him flowers, favorite snacks, or tickets to the latest movie for him to enjoy while forgetting about his bad problems. This method can also be proof of your attention to your partner.

5. Find Out What He Likes

Whatever gifts are given sincerely and love will certainly be accepted by the couple. However, it would be better if you understand the specific things that he likes. For example, what kind of flowers does he like, what items he needs, what flavor foods are his favorites, and so on.

You can ask for advice from those closest to your partner or pay attention to it directly from the daily life of him to get the right gift. If your partner is a lover of K-Pop, especially the boy band BTS, there are interesting gift ideas that you can give to them at special moments.

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