5 Tasikmalaya Hits Tours That Can Be Explored While Eid Holidays


Not only the North Coast alias Pantura which is known as the homecoming route. The southern route of Java can also be used as an alternative road to your hometown.

Moreover, this route is relatively quiet and not as crowded as when you go through Pantura. In addition, on the Southern route there are many interesting tourist destinations. So it is very unfortunate if the trip back to the village is not used while traveling with family.

Well, for those who plan to go home through the southern route, you can visit the following 5 hit tourist attractions in Tasikmalaya, as reported by the CNN Indonesia page. What are you?

Panyangrayan Hill

Panyangrayan Hill is able to captivate the hearts of visitors with its natural charm. This hill is known as an interesting spot to enjoy the sunrise from above. Even so beautiful, some call it the land above the clouds.

Besides being able to see the vast sea of ​​clouds from the top of the hill, you can relax while eating snacks available at the cafe. For those who want to come here, the location of Bukit Panyangrayan is located in Sadaukir Scout Village, Kapunduhan Barumekar, Sukapura, Sukaraja, Tasikmalaya, and the place is open 24 hours.

Lemona Salopa Lake

Lake Lemona Salopa Photo: Photo: instagram.com/danaulemona_

Are you looking for a popular culinary destination in Tasikmalaya? One that can be visited is Lake Lemona Salopa. It is located on Jalan Raya Salopa. Not only popular, this restaurant, which is thick with a rustic feel, is also a family favorite culinary place. In addition to being satisfied with eating a variety of Sundanese specialties, visitors can at the same time play water rides, rowboats, suspension bridges and much more.

Pamayangsari Beach

Pamayangsari Beach in Sindangkerta, Cipatujah is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tasikmalaya. This beach has been around for a long time. In fact, since 1973, Pamayangsari Beach is always crowded with local and foreign tourists.

One of the things that attracts attention is the unique ritual of giving thanks to the sea. The celebration of the sea or other names for beach parties and fishermen’s parties is believed to be a form of gratitude for local residents to God.

Teejay Waterpark

Teejay WaterparkTeejay Waterpark Photo: Photo: instagram.com/teejaywaterpark

Visiting Tasikmalaya, don’t forget to stop by Teejay Waterpark. Here you can play as much water as you like while relaxing after a long journey from Jakarta.

Teejay Waterpark provides a variety of fun rides, ranging from sliders, spilled buckets, current pools, to wave pools. There are also stalls for swimming equipment rental to restaurants. In the outer area there is also a playground without a water pool.

Karaha Bodas

If you want to see how beautiful the crater of the mountain is, you can visit Karaha Bodas which is located in the Duchy, namely the northern part of Tasikmalaya. This is an iconic white crater tourist destination and hits among tourists. The location is in the Duchy, namely the northern part of Tasikmalaya. Visitors can enjoy the white crater landscape in this place while camping or agro-tourism in the pine forest area.

Those were 5 tourist recommendations that you can visit when going home for Eid. It’s not bad, you can heal a little while heading to your hometown. So, which one is your favourite?

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