5 Viral Ojol Stories, Invited to Break Fast Together to Order Food Fast


During Ramadan this year, there were several stories of online motorcycle taxi drivers (ojol) that went viral on social media. Starting from the motorcycle taxi drivers who were invited to break their fast with passengers to being told to rush to order food. Here’s the story.

Being an online motorcycle taxi driver is not easy. They can be in charge of transporting passengers or serving food orders online. The main risk is not only road conditions, but the situation and character of service users ojol.

Often they find service users who are annoying, such as not wanting to pay additional parking fees when ordering food or deliberately rushing ojol who are in line to buy food. Ojol drivers also have to be patient with this treatment.

But there are also ojol drivers who receive pleasant treatment from customers. They were given free food, invited to break their fast together, until some were given THR money.

The stories of ojol drivers during the fasting month are very interesting. Not a few of their stories that provoke sympathy to the emotions of netizens.

Here, detikfood summarizes 5 ojol stories that went viral during this year’s fasting month:

1. Asked to hurry to order food

The Ojol Driver Confesses Being Disappointed Because He Was Ordered To Hurry Up When He Gets The Customer’s Order It’s Approaching The Imsak Time. Photo: Twitter @agungkenzo

An ojol driver named Agung gets food orders for sahur, but his customers are so worried that the food will arrive late. Because the condition of the restaurant where to order food is so crowded.

Through Twitter @agungkenzo (6/4/2022), Agung said that he had already reported the situation of the restaurant to his customers, but he was annoyed because his customers were impatient. It was seen that the customer kept asking questions and even asked the restaurant to speed up his food order.

The customer even had the intention of canceling the order for fear that the food would arrive at a short time. Agung also gave a suggestion to order food at 2 in the morning so as not to be late for sahur, but the customer said it was too soon. Here’s the story.

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2. Customers are reluctant to pay parking fees of Rp. 1,000

Ojol Asks for IDR 1,000 Parking Fee, This Customer Cancels His Food OrderOjol Asks for IDR 1,000 Parking Fee, This Customer Cancels His Food Order Photo: TikTok/bak_prabu

The story of an annoying ojol customer recently happened. A customer who ordered milk cheese bread was reluctant to pay a parking fee of Rp. 1,000 to replace the money for an ojol driver. He even chose to cancel the entire order which was almost ready to be delivered.

This upsetting incident was experienced King and told via TikTok @bak_prabu (21/4/2022). « Indeed there is an additional parking of a thousand, because the Gr*b postage is now down to only Rp. 6,400, so I asked for parking. Then he answered asking to be cancelled, » said Prabu in his video.

Prabu finally gave up on the unpaid parking fee. He still delivers the order because he has been in line for a long time and is worried that his performance on the application will decrease.

Arriving at the customer’s house, he was greeted by his brother. Luckily, the customer’s brother was willing to pay the food bill, an additional parking fee of IDR 1,000, to give him a drink for iftar.

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3. Treated to eat fried duck

Happy Story of Ojol Invited to Break Fast with Passengers at Fried Duck RestaurantHappy Story of Ojol Invited to Break Fast with Passengers at Fried Duck Restaurant Photo: TikTok abangojolbotak

An ojol driver named Agus shared a happy story through his TikTok account, @abangojolbotak (16/4/2022). He, who was taking passengers from the Menteng area, Central Jakarta, ended up being treated to fried duck for iftar.

Initially he offered the passenger to stop for a while to break the fast even though he did not know whether the passenger was fasting or not. « But the passenger asked to stop for a while at Bebek Kaleyo Menteng. I bought mineral water whose stall is right in front of the restaurant, while waiting for my passengers because the restaurant was very busy, » he said.

It turned out that the passenger came back to visit him and asked him to enter the restaurant to eat. Agus is welcome to choose the menu he wants to eat. He was happy because he could be treated to green chili duck.

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