6 Food Ingredients That Rise in Prices, Including Beef Rp. 145 thousand/Kg


Rising food prices ahead of Ramadan is no longer a strange thing. Ahead of Ramadan 2022, there is a spike in the price of food ingredients in traditional markets which reaches Rp. 145 thousand!

Ahead of the big day and momentum, it will usually be followed by a spike in the prices of foodstuffs that go up drastically. As if it has become a culture, many people are always prepared to face price increases food, especially before Ramadan.

Ramadan is not only a momentum where Muslims welcome the holy month by fasting. Approaching the month of Ramadan is also often a momentum for rising food prices as a whole.

Entering the month of Ramadan this year, it has been observed that there are several food items whose prices have increased to those that have decreased in prices. Starting from beef, chili, even to cooking oil, which has not seen the slightest decline in prices based on the records of the National Strategic Food Price Information Center (PHPS Nasional).

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The following are 6 food ingredients that are experiencing price increases ahead of the month of Ramadan according to the monitoring of the National PHPS (31/3):

The price of various types of chili is observed to continue to increase, even for red chilies it has reached Rp. 57,500/kg. Photo: Andhika Prasetia/detikcom

1. Red chili

Various types of chili seem to have increased. The price of large red chilies increased by Rp. 2,200 from the previous Rp. 53,050 per kilogram. Then followed by curly red chili, whose average selling price touched Rp. 45,850 for one kilogram.

Not only large chilies, green cayenne pepper which is usually found as a complement to fried foods has also experienced a spike. Per kilogram of green cayenne pepper has now been priced at IDR 37,950 while for red cayenne pepper it has reached IDR 57,500.

2. Beef

Being the most sought after source of protein after chicken, beef prices are also still increasing. For quality 1 beef, the price has touched Rp. 142,900 per kilogram.

Followed by quality 2 beef which tends to be a lot of fat at around Rp. 133,600 per kilogram. In DKI in particular, quality 1 beef has even reached Rp. 145,850 and for quality 2 beef, the average price has touched Rp. 135,850.

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