7 Banyuwangi beaches that are suitable to be enjoyed during the weekend


Weekend in Banyuwangi, it’s good to enjoy the beach atmosphere. Here are 7 beach recommendations in Banyuwangi that will spoil you.

1. Bangsring Beach

BETWEEN PHOTOS/Budi Candra Setya/aww. Photo: Antara Photo/Budi Candra Setya

Bangsring Underwater (Bunder) is a tourism site based on coral reef conservation.

The beauty of Bunder lies not in its black sandy beaches, but in the underwater gardens that are completely preserved.

Here you can see many ornamental fish such as clown fish, known as nemo fish. To see it you can do snorkeling or diving.

Bunder is also known as the Floating House, this house functions as a fish clinic and a shark sanctuary.

This beach is located in Wongsorejo District, or 20 kilometers on the north side of Banyuwangi city center.

Bangsring Underwater was built by fishermen who care about the damage to coral reefs caused by fish bombs. They again cleaned the beach and planted coral reefs around this black sandy beach area.

Research on coral reefs and marine life is also often done. This location is also often used as a release for baby lobster to be smuggled abroad.

2. Grand Watudodol Beach

Grand Watudodol Pantai BeachGrand Watudodol Beach. Photo: Ardian Fanani/detikcom

Grand Watudodol Beach which faces directly to the Bali Strait is one of the best sunrise spots in Banyuwangi.

This beach is also a crossing access to Menjangan Island and Tabuhan Island because this is the meeting point for crossing the two islands.

During the renovation in 2017, the Banyuwangi Regency Government built an Amphitheater which functions as an open arena for art and cultural performances. This amphitheater is also an instagramable photo spot for visitors.

In addition, Grand Watu Dodol also provides a green architect concept toilet that makes the natural impression even more pronounced.

The number of green plants between the walls before entering the toilet is like the feel of a beautiful garden.

This black sandy beach has won the title of Asean Clean Tourism City at the 2018 Asean Tourism Standard Award.

3. Marina Boom . Beach

Marina Boom Beach BanyuwangiMarina Boom Beach Banyuwangi. Photo: (Ardian Fanani/detikcom)

Marina Boom Beach is now a new tourist icon for Banyuwangi, which is located in the middle of Banyuwangi city. In the past, Boom Beach was known by another name THR (People’s Amusement Park) which became a family recreation center.

If you visit here you can enjoy the view of the sunrise that appears from the eastern end of the Bali Strait. Even in the afternoon the scenery here is no less charming.

You can enjoy twilight views with views of the mountains of Ijen, Ranti, Raung, and others when the weather is clear.

One of the most popular iconic landmarks for taking pictures is the spiral causeway bridge.

This cross bridge filled with lights around it looks majestic and instagramable, that’s why almost every night this bridge is always filled with visitors who want to take pictures with the bridge background.

Another feature of Marina Boom, which has black sand, is its complete supporting facilities, such as a private resort, marina lounge and restaurant, yach club, dryberth facilities, and the Boom Eco Adventure Park amphitheater which is located on the beach.

This amphitheater is the location for art performances and the Banyuwangi Beach Jazz Festival.

4. Cemara Beach

Cemara Beach BanyuwangiCemara Beach Banyuwangi. Photo: (Brigida Emi Lilia/d’Traveler)

Cemara Beach is one of the marine tourism objects located in Pakis Village, Banyuwangi District, East Java. It is only 3 kilometers from the city center.

As the name implies, this beach is a beach in which there is a dense and beautiful sea pine forest which is also a place for turtle conservation.

The turtles that lay their eggs in this place usually make nests under the cypress trees that grow on this black sandy beach.

The beach, which is managed by the Pantairejo Joint Business Group (KUB), which is also accompanied by the Banyuwangi Fisheries and Marine Service, will not only have a zone that can be entered by the general public.

But there is also a core zone to protect the area where the turtles lay their eggs. And only visitors who have permission are allowed to enter the core zone.

5. Red Island

Red Island Beach in Banyuwangi.Red Island Beach in Banyuwangi. Photo: Shutterstock

Pulau Merah or Red Island is a beach and tourist attraction in Pesanggaran District, Banyuwangi.

To get to this Banyuwangi beach you can drive with the distance from the center of Banyuwangi City to the location is 60 km, or more or less takes about 3 hours drive.

This beach is popular because of a small green hill with red soil located near the shoreline.

You can visit this hill on foot when the sea water is receding. The beach on this unique island of white sand stretches for 3 kilometers, so it is suitable for your vacation with family.

But the waves on this beach are quite high so they are not very suitable for swimming, especially for small children.

This beach is part of the south coast and is still in a series with Teluk Ijo Beach, Mustika Beach, Sukamade Beach, and also Pancer Beach.

6. Teluk Ijo Beach

Teluk Ijo Beach in BanyuwangiTeluk Ijo Beach in Banyuwangi. Photo: Deny Prastyo Utomo/detikTravel

Teluk Ijo Banyuwangi is also known as Teluk Ijo or Green Bay Banyuwangi. As the name implies, this place is one of the tourist attractions in Banyuwangi which is still a virgin.

Green Bay Beach or Green Bay is located within the Meru Betiri National Park area, Sarongan-Pesanggrahan.

Teluk Ijo Beach is located approximately 90 KM to the south of the city of Banyuwangi. To get to the location of this white sandy beach, we can follow the directions for Pesanggrahan-Sarongan-Sukamade.

Before heading to Teluk Ijo beach, on the way, you will pass a beach that is quite unique, namely Batu Beach. It is said so, because this beach consists of rocks that are lined up quite neatly, not sand like ordinary beaches.

Green bay beach has a clean coastline, with clear green sea water. Not blue like the usual beach color. The sand on this beach is smooth and thick, making it soft on the feet.

Another thing that is here is a mini waterfall as high as 8 meters, enough to wash your body after playing with sea water.

7. Plengkung Beach

Plengkung BeachPlengkung Beach. Photo: (Ardian Fanani/detikTravel)

Plengkung beach in Banyuwangi is a game for many foreign tourists. This beach has another name, namely G-Land because of the beauty of the waves that are presented.

This beach with favorite waves is often visited by surfers from America, England, Europe, Australia and other countries. However, Plekung beach is not widely known by local tourists.

In addition to the beauty of the beautiful natural panorama, the blue sea, white sand and views of the trees in Alas Purwo National Park are even more perfect.

In the afternoon Plengkung Beach becomes a very romantic place. Where the color of the blue sky meets orange in the middle of the sea is the choice of some tourists to come to this beautiful beach.

This beach is located in the Alas Purwo National Park area. That’s what causes this beach is often visited by some wild animals to the beach. There are deer, monkeys, and other animals that always come and roam around the beach.

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