7 Facts about Kunti Island in Sukabumi, Dare to Test Your Guts?


Having a spooky name, Kunti Island is one of several small islands in the Ciletuh Palabuhanratu Geopark area, Sukabumi Regency. Here are 7 facts.

It is said that the name Kunti is taken from the sound of laughter typical of spirits who are often depicted with the figure of a woman in white.
Then where does the sound that often comes from this exotic island come from?

Here are the unique facts of Kunti Island summarized secondsJabarTuesday (29/3/2022).

1. Located in the CPUGG area

Kunti Island is located in the Ciletuh Palabuhanratu UNESCO Global Geopark area. To get to this location from the capital of Sukabumi Regency in Palabuhanratu, it is a 40 kilometer journey.

One hour away by car or about 40 minutes by motorbike.

2. Extreme Roads and Stunning Views

Make sure your body and vehicle are in top condition. The access road to the location is indeed smooth, but it is full of turns, climbs and steep descents.

The scenery is stunning Photo: Syahdan Alamsyah

Although somewhat extreme, the scenery along the way is very beautiful. You can stop briefly at Vihara Nam Hai Kwan Se Im Pu Sa, Loji District.

The next trip, there are treats with a stretch of Palabuhanratu Bay, because the position of the road is in a hilly area.

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