8 Meaning of Dreams of Eating Rice, Something to Do with Your Partner


Have you ever dreamed of eating rice? Or have you recently dreamed of eating rice? The dream meaning of eating rice is often associated with romantic relationships.

Dreams of eating rice are so common that it is easy to experience them while sleeping. But are there any special signs if you dream of eating rice?

Not really a bad sign. The dream of eating rice can be a sign that your love relationship is in a satisfying stage. Even the dream of eating rice can be a sign that your partner tends to be romantic.

It’s different if you don’t dream of eating rice but cooking it. Or maybe it’s not a dream to eat rice but just see it. The meaning of dreams of eating rice by just seeing or cooking it will be different.

This is the meaning of dreams of eating rice and sundries related to rice in your sleep:

1. Dream of Eating Rice

If you’ve been dreaming of eating rice lately, it’s possible that your relationship is warm. Reporting from Female First, the dream of eating rice implies you have a romantic and harmonious love life lately.

The dream of eating rice is also a sign that the couple is romantic. You may even feel the warmth of your partner so you have a dream of eating rice.

The meaning of other dreams of eating rice can also be related to a growing family. If you are craving to have children, the dream of eating rice can be a sign that now is the right time to add a new family member.

2. Dream of Cooking Rice

Besides dreaming of eating rice, maybe you even dream of cooking rice? Maybe it could be a sign that you will have new responsibilities that will give you joy.

In addition to the dream of eating rice, the dream of cooking rice can also mean that you are well prepared to welcome new responsibilities. The steps taken are also correct and the smell of success will soon fill your home.

Meaning of dreams eating rice Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Juan Alberto Casado

3. Dream of Seeing Rice

What about the dream of seeing rice alone, not a dream of eating rice? If so it might be a symbol of cleanliness.

The dream of seeing rice can be a sign that there is something that must be ‘cleaned’ in your life. Maybe a bad relationship, an unsatisfactory job, to a negative habit that is detrimental to health.

4. Dream of Seeing White Rice

Slightly different from the dream of seeing rice only, if what you see is clear white rice then it symbolizes purity. There may be a moment of peace where no bad thoughts affect you personally.

5. Dream of Seeing Brown Rice

While the dream of seeing brown rice is not a dream of eating brown rice, it indicates that you are stronger than you think. Your strength is able to pass through a steep and winding road.

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