After Mandalika, Indonesia Will Build Formula 1 Circuit in Bintan

AFTER Indonesia has a grade B circuit, namely the Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Now Indonesia is planning to have a new circuit with grade A status which will be built in Bintan, Riau Islands.

Based on the terms of reference for the construction, there will be three location options prepared in Bintan Regency, which will then be carried out further research to decide which location is suitable to be built as a grade A circuit.

Later this grade A circuit in Bintan can hold a series of international class races, starting from Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, to the World Endurance Championship. The Bintan circuit will also be similar to the Mandalika circuit, accompanied by a beautiful landscape on the edge of a white sandy beach.

As the initial stage of the construction of the Bintan International Circuit, PT Bintan Resort Cakrawala as the developer signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indonesian Motor Association (IMI), as a commitment to be able to prepare international class racing events.

« Thank you to Bintan Resort Cakrawala, who today signed a collaboration with IMI for the construction of the Bintan International Circuit which will become a class A circuit, which is a class for the implementation of Formula 1, » said Chairman of IMI Pusat Bambang Soesatyo, at the signing ceremony. a memorandum of understanding between PT Bintan Resort Cakrawala and IMI, Thursday (17/3).

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« We, IMI, are committed to preparing international events, not only Formula 1, but also Formula 2, Formula 3, to the World Endurance Championship, all of which we can do in Bintan, » he added.

With the existence of the Bintan International Circuit which is planned to take two years to develop, Bamsoet -Bambang Soesatyo’s nickname – hopes that this will become a new icon for Indonesia and will bring many benefits both from the tourism sector and the economy for the Riau Archipelago.

« I can’t imagine when this Formula 1 Circuit is finished, this will definitely become a new icon. After we already have the Mandalika Circuit icon which will be witnessed by nearly 2 billion spectators around the world at the Moto-GP tomorrow, » explained Bamsoet.

On the other hand, Riau Islands Governor Ansar Ahmad said his party strongly supports the construction of the Bintan International Circuit, he hopes that in the future this will increase tourist visits to the Riau Islands, especially Bintan Regency.

« Tourism is one of the leading sectors in the Riau Archipelago, in 2019, the number of foreign tourist visits reached 2,897,000, we ranked second after Bali, » said Ansar.

« If we talk about the largest resort area in the world, we need international-class entertainers so that the world’s eyes will be focused and focused on the Riau Islands. Therefore, our government welcomes and encourages the construction of this circuit, » he added.

Ansar also hopes that this shared desire can be realized, he also prays that the construction of the Bintan International Circuit can be realized on time.

« Our hope is that if the target is two years, we hope that in two years it can actually be completed. If it is completed, I am sure that more investors will develop accommodation facilities in Bintan, » said Ansar.

« We pray that what is our desire can be realized well and hopefully our tourism sector will increase further with the realization of this Formula 1 circuit, » he said.

Currently, PT Bintan Resort Cakrawala is conducting a feasibility study of the three available location options, after the feasibility study is carried out it will then choose one of three locations in Bintan Regency to build the grade A circuit. Of the three locations, two are in the Lagoi tourist area and the other is in the Trikora Beach area. (OL-4)