Ahead of the SEA Games, the RI Triathlon Team Training Center in Thailand

TEAM Chef de Misson (CdM) Indonesia continues to monitor the preparation of sports for the Vietnam SEA Games.

The Indonesian triathlon team held a try-in at Pantai Indah Kapuk II, Jakarta, as the final preparation, because they will go to Thailand for a training camp (TC) for one month.

« The triathlon and duathlon teams are making preparations, especially because there are only 40 days left from departure to Vietnam, » said CdM Cluster Manager Cresida Mariska while reviewing triathlon preparations, Friday (1/4).

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« Following instructions from CdM and the Deputy, we want to use the remaining time effectively and efficiently, » he added.

CdM’s visits to a number of sports anticipated problems before the contingent left for Vietnam. It is hoped that all athletes can focus and display their best abilities.

« Seeing the preparations and efforts of the athletes, we are increasingly motivated to develop strategies. We want to prepare all scenarios before the team departs, especially non-technical factors, » explained Cresida.

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Chairman of the Indonesian Triathlon Federation (FTI) Joko Warsito said the team will continue to Thailand to adapt and improve the condition of the athletes. He was also optimistic about the preparation of the athletes.

« We will continue preparations in Thailand to strengthen the condition of the athletes. It will allow them to adapt to the environment. They will meet athletes from other countries, » said Joko.

The triathlon team hopes to improve on their previous achievements. At the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines, the team won four medals, consisting of one gold and three bronze.(OL-11)