Ahsan/Hendra don’t want to be careless in the first match

Indonesian men’s doubles pair Mohammad Ahsan / Hendra Setiawan are preparing to start their first match at the All England 2022 on Wednesday (16/3) evening WIB.

Will face representatives of India MR Arjun / Dhruv Kapila at Utlita Arena Birmingham, England, Ahsan / Hendra are ready and do not let their guard down to be their focus in the first match.

« In the first match, you have to be ready and don’t be careless, » said Hendra in an official statement from PBSI, Wednesday (16/3).

« Heating should also be more because the air here is cold. So it must be really hot when entering the field. Hopefully we can immediately start playing, » he added.

Previously, Tuesday (15/3) local time, the world number two pair had tested the main field. Doing exercises for approximately two hours, Ahsan/Hendra used this time to adapt to field conditions. Both wind direction, lighting, and shuttlecock speed.

« Today’s field test, only once, but everything is ok, » said Hendra.

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« There has been no change from the previous All England. So there are no obstacles whatsoever. Maybe what is different is now freer from the Covid-19 health protocol, » he continued.

When asked if they were worried about what happened last year, where the entire Indonesian team was forced to withdraw at the 2021 All England event because they were on the same plane with a positive patient for COVID-19.

The Daddies – nicknamed Hendra / Ahsan – said they were not worried because for this year the UK had just lifted all restrictions on Covid-19 regulations. This has an impact on the rules that apply at the All England 2022.

« There’s nothing to worry about. Now we’re free here. So I’m sure last year’s incident will not happen again, » he said.

It can be seen, All England 2022 will start rolling today (16/3) to Sunday (20/3). Starting with the round of 32, starting at 09.00 local time.(PBSI/OL-5)