Another Wet Place in Klaten, Umbul Diblarak


Umbul Siblarak is one of the bathing tourist destinations in Polanharjo District, Klaten. Utilize village treasury land.

Although not as popular as Umbul Ponggok or Umbul Manten, this spring pool offers a cool and exotic atmosphere.

Umbul Siblarak, is located in the Sidowayah Village area, Polanharjo District, Klaten, Central Java.

To get to the artificial swimming pool, visitors have to cross rice fields about half a kilometer from the Tegalgondo-Janti highway. Village roads with tassels of vines made curved to provide shade for visiting tourists.

After crossing the descending road, Umbul Siblarak which is under the rice fields will be seen. Two fairly large pools that are dominant in the blue color of the sea stretch out.

On the north side of the pennant there is an agricultural path that farmers use to go to the fields. Large trembesi trees make the pennant area shady without a roof.

On the hilly slopes north of the pond, a joglo house was built as a hall, gazebo accompanied by coffee shops and snacks. The thick trees make the sunlight only faintly visible.

Umbul Siblarak tourist spot in Polanharjo, Klaten. Photo: Achmad Hussein Syauqi/detikJateng

You can easily feel the cool air of the rice fields while swimming or sitting drinking coffee in the garden. Even though it is hot, the Umbul area feels shady with gurgling water from Umbul Manten which is the main supply of the pond.

The Director of Bumdesa Synergy in Sidowayah Village, Polanharjo District, Klaten, Hartoyo, explained that the Siblarak Umbul is a new banner. The location of the pennant was originally unproductive village treasury land.

« That was the village treasury land which was not productive at first. It was only planted with rice, then a pond was made, » said Hartoyo, Saturday (19/3/2022) morning.

The construction of the pennant cannot be separated from the pilot of Kampung Dolanan in 2017. At that time there were only outbound facilities but no swimming pool.

« After outbound there is no pool for swimming. Umbul Manten is also far away, so Umbul Siblarak was built with village funds, » said Hartoyo.

Finally, continued Hartoyo, a Siblarak Umbul was made by utilizing the overflowing water of the large Umbul Manten. Water is piped into the two Siblarak pools.

« Umbul Siblarak has two pools, the water is flowing water from Umbul Manten. It is also equipped with other facilities for individual tourists or groups, » Hartoyo added.

After operating around 2019, explained Hartoyo, visitors are getting busier. Not only local residents of Klaten but many from outside the city with a ticket of Rp. 8,000.

« The visitor capacity in Siblarak is around 2,000 people. However, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic the number was limited and now visitors are starting to get busy again, some from East Java, but mostly Solo Raya, » said Hartoyo.


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