Appreciation for fighter Adrian Mattheis, NasDem Wants to Awaken Youth Spirit

The NasDem PARTY tries to always be present in person to provide support for Indonesian children and youth who excel in both sports and education. Alex Silva, in the One Championship fight at the Singapore Indoor Stadium which took place on Friday (11/3) night.

The victory of the native Papuan son Adrian over the Brazilian fighter was certainly a shock to the Indonesian sports world. Seeing this success, the NasDem Party was also present to give direct appreciation and support to Adrian, with the hope that the 1993-born fighter can continue to perform brilliantly in the world of sports.

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« As a Papuan child, I am proud of the nation’s children, especially Papuan children who have excelled. Today I am proud of what Adrian has achieved, moreover Adrian has won the match against the world champion, this is certainly a source of pride for us, » said the Faction Leader. NasDem Party DPR RI, Roberth Rouw in his meeting with Adrian at the office of the Nasdem Party Faction, Jakarta, Monday (14/3).

Furthermore, Roberth said that the appreciation for Adrian was in line with the NasDem Party’s program in the field of youth and sports, where the NasDem Party tried to always be present directly to provide support for Indonesian children and youth who excel in both sports and education.

« I don’t think parties should only be present to take people’s collective rights. But parties must also be present to improve people’s achievements and that is part of the party’s responsibility, » he said.

« Parties must be present with the people, one of which is in the field of youth. The NasDem Party is committed to continuously being able to give appreciation so that these younger siblings can achieve even more, » he explained.

Regarding the form of appreciation given by the NasDem Party to Adrian, Roberth did not want to go into detail about the prize. He emphasized that the support from the NasDem Party to Adrian is no less important.

« It’s a gift but I can’t tell you, the main thing is the gift. But the most important thing, we don’t see the value, but we have to give appreciation as a form of support that we provide, » he said.

Meanwhile, Adrian, who was present at the office of the NasDem Party Faction, admitted that he was happy and felt like a dream, because he had the opportunity to enter the DPR RI building for the first time.

« Adrian, to be honest, I was surprised when he was told that there was an invitation from Mr. (Roberth). So when I found out I was also surprised and happy. So I want to say thank you to Mr. Robeth for wanting to meet me, » he explained.

Adrian said that the support from the NasDem Party certainly made him realize that there were still people who appreciated his achievements. (Rif/A-1)