Apriyani Rahayu’s calf injury forced her to cancel the Swiss Open and Korea Open

Indonesian women’s doubles specialist Apriyani Rahayu has confirmed that she will not participate in the 2022 Swiss Open and Korean Open tournaments, because she has to recover after suffering a right calf injury in the second round at the 2022 All England.

Eng Hian, the coach of the women’s doubles training at PBSI, said that after consulting with the PBSI doctor, Apriyani, it took one to two weeks to recover the condition of her injured right calf.

This condition also made the coach, who is familiarly called Didi, decide to withdraw Apriyani’s participation from the Swiss Open (22-27 March) and the Korean Open (5-10 April).

« The results of the examination and consultation with Dr. Grace (Joselini Corlesa, PBSI doctor) Apri’s right calf injury is not too severe, but it does take at least one to two weeks of rest before he can return to the field, » said Didi.

« That’s why I withdrew his participation in the upcoming Swiss and Korean Opens, » he continued.

Originally, Apriyani would have a duet with a new partner, Siti Fadia Silva Ramadhanti, in the two tournaments. Previously, Apriyani also canceled her debut with Fadia at the German Open last week due to the same injury.

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« I don’t want to take the risk, it’s better if Apri rests until he recovers completely and then starts preparations for the next matches, » said Didi.

Previously, Apriyani’s right calf injury relapsed in the middle of the All England 2022 round of 16 match on Thursday (17/3) afternoon local time.

Apriyani, who was paired with Greysia Polii at that time, had a 21-18 lead in the first game over her opponent Treesa Jollyindia/Gayatri Gopichand Pullela from India.

In the middle of the second game, disaster struck, Apri, who made an inappropriate movement while picking up the shuttlecock, immediately felt uncomfortable with his calf.

After that, Apri continued to feel pain and his movements were increasingly limited. Before then decided to withdraw at 14-19 position and hand over the victory to representatives of India. (PBSI/OL-7)