At this nest-like hotel, you can stay with hundreds of birds

Lapland, Sweden

There are various ways the hotel can attract the attention of its guests. Like this hotel in Sweden which is in the form of a giant bird’s nest.

Reporting from CNN, Sunday (13/3/2022) this hotel is called Treehotel, a hotel in Lapland, Sweden. This tree house concept hotel blends with the biosphere concept.

The hotel was built by the couple Kent and Britta Lindvall in 2010. They made a modern design that took the environment into account. They then partnered with several Scandinavian designers. Initially the Treehotel rooms varied greatly in design, from the reflective Mirror Cube to the shape of a bird’s nest lined with branches.

Then they continued development in collaboration with designers from the Bjarke Ingels Group, also known as BIG, with local ornithologists, to create the Biosphere. So travelers can enjoy the view from the comfort of their biosphere room.

Treehotel in Sweden Photo: (Bjarke Ingels Group doc)

The surprise is, whoever stays here they will be surrounded by 350 bird cages. So, guests can immediately see bird activity from their room.

Guests can enjoy the 34 sqm black and gray interior while gazing out the windows, walls and ceilings. They can also visit neighbors with a suspension bridge.

For those who want higher views of the forest and the Luleå River, the Biosphere has a rooftop terrace with 360-degree views. Located in the village of Harads, northern Sweden, this hotel is just an hour’s drive from Lule airport. Lule is approx an hour’s flight from Stockholm.

Treehotel is scheduled to open in May. For the price of a stay, one night at the Biosphere for two guests, including breakfast costs 12,000 SEK (approximately USD 1,200/Rp 17 million).

In more detail about the Biosphere facade of the hotel, they have 350 birdhouses and accommodate birds of all sizes from Western crows and budding birds to tiny gray-headed chickadees. There are also homes for bees and bats.

Treehotels in SwedenTreehotel in Sweden Photo: (Bjarke Ingels Group doc)

UlfOhman, ornithologist and chair of the Norrbotten County Ornithological Association, worked on the project. Ohman explains that climate change has contributed to the decline in some local bird populations, and bird nests around the Biosphere could stem the decline.

João Albuquerque, one of the architects of the Biosphere and a partner at BIG, describes the goal of the project as integrating the environment into the building.

« We designed our addition to the Treehotel, the Biosphere to create a unique experience for hotel guests, taking inspiration from the qualities of the surrounding forest and absorbing it into the interior. Ecological response is the driving force behind architectural expression, helping to create a positive environmental impact, » said Albuquerque.

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