Beautiful! This is the National Park with the Widest White Sand in the World

New Mexico

A national park in New Mexico has a unique and extraordinary beauty. There is a wide sand dune, it is even called the largest in the world!

As the name implies, White Sands National Park has very white sand, even similar to a mound of snow. The sand dunes are so big that they look like giant white waves.

Launching Travel+Leisure, Saturday (2/4/2022), this sand dune stretches across an area of ​​275 square miles in south-central New Mexico. In addition to their striking coloration, these extremely rare gypsum dunes are home to as many as 800 species of animals.

White Sands National Park Photo: (Getty Images)

There are mice, lizards, moths to other insects that slowly change color from their species elsewhere.

Tourists who visit this national park can hike and slide down the giant sand dune. Here are popular hiking trails, such as the Dune Life Nature Trail, a one-mile trail that passes through two steep dunes.

There is also the more difficult Alkali Flat Trail. The trail offers a five-mile round-trip hike up and down the dunes and past Lake Otero.

White Sands National ParkWhite Sands National Park Photo: (Getty Images)

Every April to October the national park hosts a guided full moon hike. This experience allows tourists to see the light of the full moon reflected on the white sand.

Tourists may also see some wildlife such as coyotes, kit foxes to American rabbits that come out to hunt and forage at sunset. Interested in coming to White Sands National Park?

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