Being Racist Abroad, TikToker Indonesia Even Treats Them To Eat


Eating abroad, TikToker Indonesia was exposed to racism by the children there. However, the boy was instantly embarrassed that it ended treated eat on TikToker.

An unpleasant incident was experienced by an existing TikToker from Indonesia named Adhitya Yappeo. Through the TikTok video @adhityappeo (11/03) he told the story of his vacation in Turkey with his friends.

Then, one night they plan to eat at a restaurant located in an alley. Well, on that trip he was exposed to racism from the kids, just because he had slanted eyes.

« Meeting people who immediately mock us ‘cincanco-corona-cincanco’ maybe mean they want to speak Chinese but they are careless because my friends and I have slanted eyes, » said Adhitya.

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TikToker gets racist when trying to eat at a restaurant in Turkey Photo: TikTok @adhityappeo

The boys thought that Aditya came from China just because of his eyes. They even continued to insult Adhitya on the way to the restaurant.

Worse yet, the boys also entered the restaurant and continued to make racist insults. « They came in suddenly and made fun of us again. I don’t know why they got to us like this, » said Adhitya.

Later, Adhitya’s friend told the boys that Adhitya had many followers on TikTok. In addition, he also scared the children that they might be reported to the police.

Hearing that, the boys who initially said racist words immediately turned good. Seen in the video, they immediately greeted with polite and gentle words.

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TikToker is racistTikToker gets racist but gets treated by TikToker Indonesia Photo: TikTok @adhityappeo

« After that they immediately changed, immediately became friendly, it’s okay at least they don’t take care of us anymore, » said Adhitya.

After that, they became acquainted. Not only that, the boys also asked to be treated to a meal at the restaurant where the TikToker ate.

But what was more annoying, the boy asked rudely by pounding the dining table. Because they seemed to be begging Adhitya finally invited them to order food.

« Yes, they were very happy. Finally they ordered a pizza menu as much as 3 portions. After that they also ordered a burger menu, » said Adhitya.

Unexpectedly, after the kids were treated eat, the boy continued to say racist words. The video went viral and succeeded in making Indonesian netizens feel annoyed.

« It’s not very polite, I’ve been holding on to it and even asked for a treat to eat. After all, why are you being treated to a kid like that, » wrote a netizen.

« I know what you mean, but they don’t deserve a treat like that. It’s not very polite, » wrote another netizen.

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