Buy Burgers on the Roadside, These Netizens Get An Unexpected ‘Bonus’


Idly buy burgers On the side of the road, this netizen shared a funny experience he experienced. When the burger was opened it turned out to have half a whole onion in it.

Not only food served in restaurants, street food is also worth a try. Buying food from street vendors can indirectly help their small business.

Street food vendors offer many choices on the menu. One of them is dishes such as burgers which are also sold by street food vendors.

But a unique and funny story can happen when buying food from street food vendors. This netizen shared his story of being annoyed and surprised when he got an unexpected ‘bonus’ in a burger he bought.

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A netizen experienced a funny incident when buying a burger at a street vendor. Photo: Says

Quoting via Says (10/3), a woman shared an experience that provoked emotion and laughter when she bought a burger from a street vendor she met. Intending to help the merchant, he decided to buy one of his burgers.

His emotions and confusion started when he got home and wanted to eat the burger he had just bought. Feeling that there was something odd about the shape, he opened the layers from the pile burgersand find the hidden ‘bonus’.

He pointed out that there was a lump of onion that had been cut in half without being sliced ​​into his burger. Seeing the onions that were not cut, he admitted that he was quite annoyed but couldn’t do anything about it.

« I feel like throwing this burger at the burger seller’s sister, » the woman wrote, showing her chunks of onion.

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Buy Burgers on the Roadside, These Netizens Get An Unexpected 'Bonus'When he opened the stack of burgers there was half a whole onion tucked into it. Photo: Says

This video was then uploaded to his personal TikTok account named @azmsiblings. It didn’t take long for this video to suddenly go viral and be seen by more than 567 thousand viewers.

There are lots of hilarious comments from netizens who responded to this upload. Starting from those who laughed along to those who said that the burger seller was now confused about finding the onions.

« Sister asked for more onions as possible, » wrote the account @apa tengok ii.

« Poor seller burgershe is, surely now he is looking for where the half onion is, » wrote the @miss_daisy account.

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