Camping with Instagenic Views in Bandung, This is the Place


Bandung is very suitable for various tours, including camping. The cool air, calm atmosphere and beautiful scenery are the reasons for camping in Bandung.

Lembang can be your next campsite. Summarized secondsJabarHere are 5 campsites with instagrammable views for you.

1. Green Grass

The cool and beautiful atmosphere with views of the pine forest makes camping feel more serene. If you will bring your own tent and various other equipment, then you only have to pay Rp. 20 thousand per person and 10 thousand for the vehicle that is brought in.

At Green Grass, you can store your vehicle close to your tent, so you don’t have to bother and walk far to bring your camping gear.

But if you don’t bring your own tent, there are tent rental places and equipment here too. There is also a special area for campervans.

2. Mount Putri Lembang

For those of you who are still newbies in outdoor and nature activities, you can try to try Mount Putri Lembang. You can reach the top of the mountain in just 30 minutes and the terrain is not too heavy.

Of course, in this location you will enjoy the beauty of nature and the cool air. And you can also camp here while looking at the city lights from the top of the mountain. The entrance ticket is only IDR 17,000 per person.

Gunung Putri in Lembang, West Java Photo: Whisnu Pradana/detikTravel

3. Cikole Graphic Terminal

Located on a hill with green meadow rugs and cool air, Graphic Cikole Tourism Terminal provides a camping place for families.

This family camping place is in the form of plots using a board mounted on cast cement so that the tent can be tied tightly and there is no need to worry about being carried away by the wind. This board base is also useful for avoiding direct contact with the ground so that the bottom of the camping tent will not be wet by dew or when it rains.

This family camping place will be a fun recreation for your family members because the camping location is on a stretch of grass under the shade of a pine tree.

For those of you who don’t want to be bothered, you can rent Charlie’s dome tent at the Graphic Cikole Tourism Terminal. The price for renting a Dome tent or VIP tent is IDR 460,000 per tent for a capacity of 4 people. The price for renting a dome tent includes camping equipment, namely 4 sleeping bags, a shared bonfire and electrical facilities.

At the location where this family camp is located, there are public toilets and a prayer room which are quite clean. The camping location at the Graphic Cikole Tourism Terminal is quite safe because there are security officers who walk around for 24 hours.

Graphic Cikole Tourism Terminal (TWGC) Lembang.Graphic Cikole Tourism Terminal (TWGC) Lembang. Photo: Whisnu Pradana

4. Cikole Jayagiri

This is a camping area that has been famous for a long time. Previously known as Cikole Campground. The camping area is spacious with complete facilities.

5. Ciwangun Indah Camp (CIC)

Located in Parongpong District, West Bandung, the location is not far from the Dusun Bambu tourist attraction. CIC is a recreation area with the concept of nature. There are pine forests, several waterfalls, tea gardens and of course, camping sites.

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