Getting to know Nampaling Tradition, Catching Grasshoppers Before Harvest in Pangandaran

Jakarta – Of the many cultural heritages in Pangandaran, look still exist as local wisdom since 4 centuries ago. Nampaling is a procession of catching pests in the rice fields after the rice harvest season. Currently, naming is still often done by residents in Cikalong Village, Sidamulih District, Pangandaran Regency. Head of Cikalong Village, Ruspandi, … Lire la suite

See How Turkey Brings Tourists Through Cultural Festivals

Istanbul – Turkey’s tourism sector is slowly improving. They boost the arrival of tourists from abroad by holding many cultural festivals. One of them is the Beyoglu Kultur Yolu Festival which is held from October 1 to 23. At this festival, tourists will be invited to explore the diverse culture and arts of Turkey. At … Lire la suite

For the sake of Gunung Kawi, Nature Tourism Limits Tourists

Poor – Destinations in Gunung Kawi will limit the number of visits. The reason is a matter of preservation. The Tourism Manager of Selorejo Village, Dau, Malang Regency will limit the number of visitors. The restriction on natural destinations located on the slopes of Mount Kawi is planned to be carried out starting next year. … Lire la suite

6 of the most haunted places to test your guts in East Java

Jakarta – At least, East Java has six terrible locations that travelers can use as a place to test their guts. Its locations are spread throughout the province. So, these places are visited by many people just to ‘test their guts’. Moreover, for the ghost hunter who deliberately carries out his hobby to complete his … Lire la suite

8 Cool Purwokerto Tourist Attractions, Suitable for Healing

Purwokerto – Travelers looking for freshness, try to come to Purwokerto, Central Java. There are a number of natural attractions suitable for healing. If you hear the name Purwokerto, maybe a traveler immediately imagines how delicious the tempe mendoan from the city is. However, not many know that Purwokerto has another tourist attraction, namely its … Lire la suite

4 Places to Remember the G30S/PKI Tragedy

Jakarta – Exactly today is the moment of one of the darkest history of Indonesia, namely the tragedy of the G30S/PKI. There are four locations that are silent witnesses. The moment of September 30 for the Indonesian people is synonymous with the bloody movement orchestrated by the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) in 1965. That is … Lire la suite

New Literacy Park in Blok M, Mother and Child Friendly Park

Jakarta – Martha Christina Tiahahu Park has been transformed into a literacy park. In addition to providing various reading materials, this park also pays attention to the needs of mothers and children. Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park has just been inaugurated. Previously, this park underwent a revitalization that changed its shabby condition into a modern … Lire la suite