10 Amazingly Beautiful Lombok Tours…

Jakarta – Lombok has a myriad of tourist destinations that are not inferior to other regions. Starting from clean beaches to pristine traditional villages. detik.com have summarized here, tourist attractions in Lombok that you can visit later. I hope it can be your reference. The following are tourist destinations in Lombok: 1.Pink Beach Lombok As … Read more

Viral Santorini-style Hangout Place in Malang City

Poor – Malang City has a new hangout that is suitable for young people and families to enjoy. Its name is Diorama Food Theater, which has the concept of Santorini, Greece. The Diorama Food Theater was only opened to the public on July 23, 2022. Although it has only been open for a week, this … Read more

Note Gaes! 5 Swimming Pools in Bali with Exotic Views

Jakarta – List of 5 swimming pools in Bali with stunning views. Visitors can feel a different sensation when swimming in this place. The view is amazing, guaranteed to spoil the eyes. You can take beautiful pictures by the pool, and pose with facing the beautiful scenery. For those of you who are looking for … Read more

Singapore Souvenir Hunt at Design Orchard & Jewel Changi Airport

Singapore – After the international tourism gates are open again, it’s time for you to vent your delayed traveling passion. Singapore can certainly be a fun destination to visit. There’s a lot to see in the Land of the Lions. Starting from urban tourism, nature tourism, culinary, to shopping for high-quality local goods. After exploring … Read more

Biggest kidzooona with a new concept is here at Grand Indonesia

Jakarta – kidzooona, a leading indoor playground under the auspices of PT AEON Fantasy Indonesia, a Japanese company that started its business in Indonesia in 2014, is back innovating and expanding its wings by opening a new branch in Grand Indonesia. Precisely at West Mall Floor 3A on Saturday 30 July 2022. The opening of … Read more

Stay at a Unique Container Hotel in Mojokerto

Jakarta – Unique accommodations equivalent to hotels continue to emerge. One of them is this accommodation in Mojokerto which is built with stacked containers. Here, a traveler can enjoy a weekend in the open. Located in the tourist area of ​​Trawas, Mojokerto, this unique inn that offers the sensation of staying in the open is … Read more

4 Comfortable and Instagramable Libraries in Jakarta

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Seeing Niagara from Lumajang, Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Jakarta – A trip to Lumajang, East Java, is not complete if you don’t stop by Tumpak Sewu Waterfall. The view is beautiful and refreshing. Tumpak Sewu Waterfall is located in Sidomulyo Village, Pronojiwo District, Lumajang Regency. This waterfall flows on the slopes of Mount Semeru. This waterfall is special because there are many and … Read more