Bringing More Lions and Giraffes to Former Farms

Graaff-Reinet, South Africa – They wanted the big cats to roam the fields once again. Here’s a family project to bring the lion back to cheetah to the corner of the Great Karoo, south Africa. In the Great Karoo, South Africa’s vast semi-arid savanna, lions and cheetahs once roamed. Later, the area became agricultural fields … Read more

Coumboscuro, the Italian Village That Doesn’t Speak Italian

Jakarta – Coumboscuro is dubbed as a small province of Italy. Being in a remote place, the people in this village do not speak Italian. The village of Coumboscuro is near the border between the Piedmont region of Italy and France. Tourists who want to come to this village have to fly to Turin, take … Read more

Something’s New at the Sukabumi City Square

Sukabumi – The integrated area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAlun-alun and Merdeka Square is getting more beautiful. Now there are culinary ranks and locally made MSME outlets. The food court and MSME outlets are named Titik Champion. This Champion Point makes the Merdeka Square area more colorful. Visitors who come can enjoy a variety of food offerings with … Read more

Explore the Largest Chinatown in Solo

Solo – Ahead of Chinese New Year, the Chinatown village in Solo, Central Java, which is located in the Sudiroprajan Village, Jebres District, Solo, is lively. The Chinatown village is behind the Pasar Gede area. The Soerakarta Walking Tour Community together with Solo Societeit held an event to explore the Chinatown village as part of … Read more

Beringin Corner: Contemporary Photo Spot in Singkawang, Beautiful at Night

Singkawang – Singkawang has a new photo spot, namely Beringin Corner. Travelers can take selfies with a variety of beautiful Chinese New Year decorations at night. Approaching Chinese New Year, the city of Singkawang continues to preen. Various corners of the city are beautified, including the Beringin Corner which was just inaugurated in 2020. Beringin … Read more

Vihara in Singkawang with Springs That Can Cure Diseases

Singkawang – In Singkawang, there is a monastery that has a spring that is known to be efficacious. That said, this spring has properties to cure various diseases. Like what? There are hundreds of temples in Singkawang. Each monastery has its own story and advantages. One of them is Vihara Ci Kung or Ji Gong … Read more

Delicious! The Legendary Hamsir Buffalo Tongue Satay in Riau

Kampar – Typical in the tongue and legendary, that’s the right word when tasting the tongue and heart satay at the Hamsir stall, Kampar. The buffalo meat satay has been the target of the community for decades. Warung Sate Hamsir has served 2 satay menus since 1978, namely meat satay and chicken satay. Especially for … Read more