Coach Highlights Gregoria’s Fighting Power at All England 2022

GREGORIA Mariska Tunjung was forced to surrender by the South Korean badminton player who is also the fourth seed, An Se Young, with 16-21 and 4-21 points in the All England match, Wednesday (16/3).

Talking about the appearance of her team, PP PBSI’s women’s singles coach Rionny Mainaky said that Gregoria did not show high enthusiasm and fighting power in the match.

« Gregoria’s performance for the first game was quite good and confident, it can be seen from his start who dared to attack and then he was able to lead 5-0, 6-1, 7-2, » said Rionny in a PBSI statement, Friday (18/3).

After a long rally and making mistakes, his confidence began to disappear. Then An Se Young started to invite him to follow his pattern of play, so Gregoria was hesitant to play, feeling that his strategy and game didn’t work and he wasn’t ready to get tired. all out, » said Rionny.

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Rionny said that facing superior players is not easy, especially since the South Korean representative is in his best performance. But for Rionny anything can happen if the player has high fighting power.

« To fight world players who are ranked above the top 10, you must muster all your abilities and have high motivation and fighting power, » said Rionny.

« He (Gregoria) still looks less brave and defeated himself, » he explained.

This was Gregoria’s first loss to An Se Young in their first meeting in a professional badminton tournament.

Now that An Se Young has reached the quarter-finals, the South Korean representative will face the United States representative Iris Wang in a match scheduled to be held today, Friday (17/3). (PBSI/OL-5)