Crazy! These 4 Celebrities Have Purchased Meatballs in One Cart


Meatballs are a favorite food for all people, including artists and celebrities. So fond of it, they even bought up meatball one cart.

Who doesn’t like meatballs? These broth-based meatballs have a place in the hearts of fans. The soft meatballs and the savory gravy make it the right food to eat anytime.

It doesn’t have to be restaurant meatballs, the meatballs offered at street vendors are no less delicious. Artists and celebrities from the country also like the meatball cart and some have even subscribed to it.

Starting from Sule to Ussy Sulistiawaty. Through their YouTube channel, they shared the moment when they bought one cart of meatballs.

Here are 4 celebrities who have bought a cart:

1. Sule

Sule carries a cart of meatballs for the crew while filming at her house Photo: YouTube

Through his YouTube channel, Sule Family (22/08/21), comedian Sule shows his moment when buying meatball carts. At that time, he bought up meatballs that were his customers at his house.

Even Sule also treats all the crew and his wife Nathalie Holscher. The meatball cart is familiarly called by Sule as Bakso James.

So familiar with the meatball seller, Sule even invited the meatball seller to join the shoot. Seen in the video, the meatball cart that was hanging in front of Sule’s house was filled with people.

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2. Ussy Sulistiawaty

Celebrities who once bought meatballs in one cartUssy Sulistiawaty once bought meatballs, even up to two carts. Photo: YouTube

Often displays culinary content, Ussy Sulistiawaty also bought up carts of meatballs. In fact, Andhika Pratama’s wife even bought up two carts at once.

The moment was shared through the Ussy Andhika Official YouTube channel in 2021. Seen in the video, he was accompanied by his first daughter when ordering a meatball cart.

Not to be eaten alone, Ussy bought up all the meatballs to be distributed to the people around. Even Ussy helped the meatball seller when serving orders.

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