CRK Motorsport Buys 7 Trophy in the inaugural series of ISSOM 2022

The COVID-19 PANDEMIC that is still ravaging the country has not reduced the excitement of the inaugural series of the largest touring car race in Indonesia, the Indonesian Sentul Series of Motorsport (ISSOM) 2022 racing season. A number of teams that have prepared their best racers and cars have competed at the event held in Sentul International Circuit last weekend.

One of the teams that previously won the Best Team title and managed to emerge as national champions in various classes, the CRK Motorsport racing team again showed a promising start to this year’s racing season.

« This year we are trying to stay focused and make more mature preparations, both from the car, mechanics and racers. Of course with the hope of being able to defend the title of Best Team and national champion in several categories, » said Founder of CRK Motorsport, M. Chandra Kurniawan, in Jakarta, Monday (14/3).

The preparations made by this team were not in vain, through the concoction of capable machines and talented racers, at this inaugural event CRK Motorsport managed to win 7 trophies in the various classes they participated in.

The 7 trophies bought were donated by Alvito Hardianto by winning 1st place in the ETCC Master 3000cc class, 3rd place in the ETCC Overall class, and 2nd place in the STCR Super Car B3 class, then Aria Ramadhan 3rd place in the ETCC Pro 3000cc class, then Raden Rauf won The winner of the ETCC Novice 3000c class, Nanan Soekarna won 3rd place in STCR Super car B1, and finally Zainal Arifin won 2nd place in STCR Super Car B1.

Even so, CRK Motorsport actually has the opportunity to bring home more trophies, but there are some technical problems such as the main CRK Motorsport racer Reindy Riupassa who experienced technical problems when starting the start, and also another CRK Motorsposrt mainstay racer namely Raden Rauf who suffered a broken shockbreaker. while leading the match, so that ultimately failed to reach the finish line.

« This year we also appointed Pakde Bonnie as Manager and Technical Director of CRK Motorsport for the 2022 racing season, and we will continue to focus on 3 things, namely Racing Cars, Team Mechanics, and Racers, because to be champions we don’t just have to be the fastest. , but also have to be consistent and prepare for each race carefully so that the car can continue to be in excellent condition, » concluded the man who is often called Charock.

Looking at the list of drivers from CRK Motorsport is quite interesting, apart from familiar names such as Reindy Riupassa, Aria Ramadhan, Raden Rauf, Alvito Hardianto, Zainal Arifin, Bonnie and Adrie Yahya, there is a new name in the CRK Motorsport Squad which is an Indonesian Automotive Leader. namely Komjen Pol, retired Nanan Sukarna, who took part in the STCR Super Car B1 class and immediately took the 3rd place on the podium.

Interestingly, it is reported that CRK Motorsport will soon become a promoter of drag, slalom, drift and touring racing. « Just waiting for the date to play, because we are always optimistic and confident, racing is our passion, and we always live it with heart, God willing, achievements will follow by themselves, » concluded Charock. (RO/A-1)