Delicious Vegan Rendang Pizza and Halal Snack at Willow Habitat


At Willow Habitat you can find dozens of delicious culinary tenants. The menu has vegan rendang pizza to halal snack pack Australian style worth a try.

Willow Habitat is a new culinary spot that hits in Bintaro. The concept is like common space where in one area around 15 culinary tenants gather.

Of the many existing culinary tenants, we are interested in visiting Max’s Pizza which is a vegan pizza outlet under Burgreens. The outlet which is located at the end is often crowded with buyers.

As the name implies, the pizza here uses plant-based dough and toppings that are friendly to vegans. Max’s Pizza also offers pizza trays with dough gluten-free.

Max’s Pizza margherita pizza at Willow Habitat. Photo: detikfood

For purchases, you don’t have to take a pan, there are sheet pizzas available (sliced ​​pizza) also. The price is IDR 38,500 per fruit. There are menu options margherita, meatball, pesto chickenrendang, dan truffle mushroom pizza.

We tasted the margherita and rendang pizza which are our favourites. Pizza margherita served with a sprinkling of basil. This pizza spreads the sour aroma of tomato sauce. It tastes sour and savory because it uses a blend of cheese mozzarella.

Then for the rendang pizza, we were surprised by the texture which really resembles beef rendang. Whereas Max’s Pizza uses vegetable ‘rendang’ which seems to be made from mushrooms.

The combination of the rendang spices is also savory, strong and full of spices. The traditional taste is really thick.

Delicious Vegan Rendang Pizza and Halal Snack at Willow HabitatThis rendang pizza and margherita pizza are made entirely of vegan-friendly ingredients. Photo: detikfood

Satisfied eating pizza, we tasted halal snack pack artificial King’s Snack Pack from Indonesia. They offer halal snack pack which was originally popular in Australia. In the form of french fries, kebab meat, vegetable salad, and a mix of various sauces.

Halal snack packs Available in 3 sizes, namely small, medium and large. Some use beef, chicken or mixed kebabs. Then the accompaniment can be french fries or rice seasoned like kebuli. Prices start from Rp. 30 thousand, not including tax.

Delicious Vegan Rendang Pizza and Halal Snack at Willow HabitatKing’s Snack Pack offers Australian halal snack packs with complete fillings. Photo: detikfood

We ordered Mix With Fries medium size, the price is IDR 49,500 after tax. Looks stuffing halal snack pack it’s so dense. The sauce is of three types, namely garlic mayo, BBQand sweet chile.

Bribing potatoes with a combination of beef and chicken kebabs is so delicious, especially with the combination of the savory sweet taste of the sauce. The presence of lettuce and purple cabbage gives it a fresh crunchy texture. Eating a serving of this halal snack pack is guaranteed to be filling!

To close the meal, we tasted dessert box Dare’s mini. The price starts from Rp. 20 thousand. There is a choice of flavors of Cadbury, Belgian Chocolate, and Banoffee Pie. Everything tastes good sweet and what we like, the sweetness is not so strong.

Delicious Vegan Rendang Pizza and Halal Snack at Willow HabitatDessert boxes made by Dare are priced starting from Rp. 20 thousand. Photo: detikfood

Finally, we tasted Willow Coffee Milk (Rp 20 thousand) and Pinky Boys (Rp 35 thousand) from Willow Coffee. For coffee, the milk is the dominant type of milk with a creamy sweet taste. Meanwhile, Pinky Boys is a mixture of fresh sour strawberries and Yakult.

If you want to play Willow Habitat, can visit it at Jalan Jombang Raya No. 54. Communal space It is open daily, from 10.00 to 21.00.