Disgusting! Wife Spits Crab Chews into Husband’s Food


Women in Malaysia show off the moment when he spit on the leftovers on his husband’s food that was still being eaten. The action went viral and drew criticism from netizens.

The husband and wife bond is indeed destined to share in any case. All of that is inseparable from good manners so that we can respect and respect each other.

Not like what a wife in Malaysia does. The action went viral while streaming live on Facebook while eating with her husband.

In the live streaming, it was seen that they were eating crab menus at a restaurant. Then, the wife chewed on the crab and spat the chewed marks on the husband’s food.

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Wife spit food on husband’s food Photo: Facebook

Are there still men who still want to eat their women’s food?,” wrote the woman in the caption as quoted from mStar Online (14/04).

Surprisingly, her husband did not show any reaction. The husband actually continued to eat, even he ate the former spit from his wife.

Meanwhile, the wife looks satisfied and smiles in front of the camera after spitting food scraps onto her husband’s plate. The woman’s actions were then widely re-shared in Facebook groups and angered netizens.

Netizens think that wives should not do this to their husbands. Especially during a pandemic like this where viruses and diseases are easily transmitted through saliva.

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Wife spit food on husband's foodWife spit food on husband’s food Photo: Facebook

“How can it be like that, even though husband and wife also have ethics. Please respect each other more and remind each other,” wrote a netizen.

“Whatever the reason, the wife’s actions are not justified. It’s disgusting,” wrote another netizen.

Similar actions also occur in Indonesia. As once went viral, where a woman spat on a container of chili sauce at a food stall.

Then there is also the action of women who smack food bite marks to the chili container. Meanwhile, the sambal is provided to be eaten together with other people.

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