Don’t Just CSR, ATPM Are Asked To Coach Racers

Director of Pertamina Mandalika SAG Team Kemalsyah emphasized that fostering motorcycle racing achievements is not easy. He also assessed that the construction in the country was not running.

« For the last 25 years, there has been no coaching whatsoever. If you study, the motorcycle development from small clubs in Europe is very different (with in Indonesia), » said Kemalsyah Nasution recently.

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« We have to build an academy, the motorbike must also have a Mini-GP. Indeed, in Indonesia there are many championships, but using a duck motorbike. It can’t be denied, you can’t use it, » he said again.

Currently, said Kemalsyah again, even if there is a sole agent for brand holders (ATPM) that has an education program for racers, there is not yet a maximum.

« After all, they are foreign companies. Even if there is (early racer education), it is related to CSR programs, » said Kemalsyah.

Furthermore, Kemalsyah wants the presence of Pertamina and Mandalika in the SAG Team to spur ATPM to seriously make Indonesia have world-class racers. « So it’s not just about CSR, » said Kemalsyah. (OL-6)