Drawing Thomas-Uber Cup, Indonesia Determined to Maintain Thomas Cup Champion

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has drawn the group stage of the 2022 Thomas and Uber Cups which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, 8-15 May. In Thomas’ team, Indonesia as the defending champion and the first seed is in Group A with South Korea, the host Thailand and Singapore.

The Head of Binpres PP PBSI Rionny Mainaky said the draw will be a challenge for Indonesia because South Korea, Thailand and Singapore have their respective strengths. However, in the last edition, Indonesia was also in a tough group but in the end was able to advance to the final and win the title.

« That is a lesson and our experience, hopefully later we can maximize and defend the championship title, » said Rionny through the federation’s statement, Friday (1/4).

In the Uber team, Merah Putih is in Group A with Japan, France and Germany. This lottery result feels unique because it is exactly like the last edition. At last year’s event, the Uber team was also in the same group as the three countries. Positively, he added, it could be a learning capital from last year’s experience.

« The positive thing is that we more or less know each other’s strengths and can evaluate better against Japan, Germany and France. If the runners-up are in the group, I’m sure they can, but to win the group, they have to work harder, » added Rionny.

According to him, the material of the opposing players will not be much different because of the short time gap with the last edition of the QN title. Even so, the presence of new players on the opposing team will still be watched out for.

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« Maybe there are one or two new players who will appear and we have to be careful because the game is not yet known. The point is we must not be careless, » said Rionny.

PBSI will divide into two different teams because Thomas and Uber 2022 are close to the Vietnam SEA Games. Teams will be divided equally in strength and no players will participate in both events at the same time.

« This is so that the preparations of the players run smoothly and focus. Hopefully we can achieve maximum performance, » he said.

Men’s doubles player Fajar Alfian is optimistic because, like last year, it is estimated that there will be no big difference from the squads of other countries.

« I am optimistic that I can defend the Thomas Cup title. The players have not been appointed, but what is clear is whoever is appointed later, must be ready and perform desperately, » said Fajar. (OL-7)