Eating Capital on YouTube, This Woman Earns IDR 14.3 Billion Per Month!


It’s called a dream job. This woman eats jelly and sweets on YouTube, but she manages to earn up to IDR 14.3 billion per month.

Since the trend of eating or mukbang videos is loved by everyone in the world. The woman named Naomi Grace MacRae, from Ontario, Canada, decided to change her career. This 27-year-old woman quit her job in the fitness industry to focus on making ASMR-concept eating videos, which accentuate the sounds of eating and chewing.

Reporting from DailyMailUK (14/03), Naomi has a YouTube channel ‘HunniBee ASMR’, which mostly eats jelly, jelly, candy to chocolate that looks like everyday objects. Starting from the dish washing sponge to the hair comb.

Initially, Naomi admitted that she accidentally plunged into this world. Moreover, he works in the fitness field, which certainly makes his lifestyle healthier, and his diet is also maintained. Contrary to the concept of mukbang or ASMR, which mostly eat fatty foods and full of calories in large quantities.

« When I was studying at Christian College California, someone I didn’t know told me that I should have my own YouTube channel and it would be a success, it was 2017. Finally I tried to upload a video of eating, the normal portion is not mukbang at three in the morning. The next day I work again. Then I learned the concept of ASMR, there I became interested in making ASMR eating videos, » explained Naomi.

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Eating Capital on YouTube, This Woman Earns IDR 14.3 Billion Per Month! Photo: YouTube

Because Naomi pays attention to her health, in the end almost all the sweet foods and desserts she makes are processed or created by herself. So he rarely uses sugar or other food preservatives.

« I started to try the concept of ‘edible Mukbang’ where people eat cakes or food in the form of objects, that’s where I got one million views in a few days. I also made dishwashing sponges from sugar-free and healthy ingredients, » he proudly said.

Because the audience and fans are getting bigger. Finally he decided to leave his job, and focus on YouTube. Starting off only himself recording and editing videos, he now has around six people on his team to help him make videos of his meals.

Eating Capital on YouTube, This Woman Earns IDR 14.3 Billion Per Month!Eating Capital on YouTube, This Woman Earns IDR 14.3 Billion Per Month! Photo: YouTube

Thanks to her hard work and perseverance in making eating videos, Naomi now has more than 7 million subscribers on her YouTube. Almost all of his videos have an average of more than one million views.

As for her income, Naomi admits that from this eating job she can earn up to USD 1 million or equivalent to Rp. 14.3 billion every month.

From what Naomi used to live simply, thanks to this video of her eating, she has managed to live a luxurious life, buy luxury cars and much more.

« Recently I bought a house worth USD 5 million (Rp 71.5 billion). It’s not the house we live in, it’s the house we rent out. I also have several other investment properties to rent out. None of this would have happened without the video eat me on YouTube, so I’m very grateful to God, » concluded Naomi.

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