Failed at German Open, Two Mixed Doubles Expected to Perform Better at All England

PUPUS had hoped for Indonesian representatives to win the title at the 2022 German Open badminton championship, after none of their six representatives made it to the final round.

The two remaining mixed doubles pairs Rinov Rivaldy/Pitha Haningtyas Mentari and Adnan Maulana/Mychelle Crhystine Bandaso had to admit the superiority of their opponents in the quarter-finals,

Competing at Westenergie Sporthalle, Friday (11/3), Rinov/Pitha were stopped by the fifth seed from England, Marcus Ellis/Lauren Smith through a fierce rubber game, 21-16, 16-21, and 19-21.

Meanwhile Adnan/Mychelle lost to Adam Hall/Julie Macpherson from Scotland, also with a rubber game, 17-21, 21-14, and 18-21.

Talking about the performances of his students, mixed doubles coach Nova Widianto revealed that the two mixed doubles pairs were still less resilient when playing a grueling three-set match.

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« Rinov/Pitha have played well, they just don’t have enough focus in the third game. In the final points, the variety of attacks is also reduced, there are a lot of smashes but the opponent doesn’t die because the ball is very heavy, » Nova said in a statement from PBSI, Sunday (13). / 3)

« In addition, they often lose points on service and receive service. From the service, how many times has the British pair got easy points or at least they can take the game first, while we are not ready, » he explained.

« For Adnan/Mychelle, it’s almost the same. They played a lot of long balls in the first game, didn’t have the courage to play short lobs and fight ahead. When playing rallies they also lacked resistance and looked down if the enemy was difficult to kill, they really wanted to die, » said Nova. .

Despite failing to penetrate the top four, Nova still appreciates the struggle of the children under his care.

He hopes that Rinov/Pitha and Adnan/Mychelle can perform better in the All England 2022 tournament which will be held next week.

« Overall, the technical performance of the children has been good. It just needs to be improved in terms of focusing on playing rallies, » said Nova.

« Actually, we have been anticipating in training using heavy balls, but we still can’t stand it. In the future we have to be even more resistant for long rallies, especially in Europe where the ball is usually heavy due to cold weather. Hopefully they can do better in the All England and the next tournament, » Nova hopes.

It can be seen, after completing the German Open tournament, the Indonesian badminton team will immediately fly to Birmingham, England.

Later, they will immediately join other Indonesian representatives who have arrived in Birmingham first. The All-England Tournament itself is scheduled to take place on 16=20 March 2022. (Rif/OL-09)