For sale in carts, these 5 delicious meatballs in Bogor are always lined up by customers


Meatball It is also a culinary favorite when visiting Bogor, West Java. There are 5 meatball sellers who are always in line with customers.

Meatballs are one of the comfort foods of Indonesians that are delicious to eat anytime. These beef balls are served with a clear, savory broth. The additions can be noodles, vermicelli, kwetiau, boiled mustard greens, bean sprouts, and various complementary sauces.

It is not only offered in warungs, restaurants and restaurants, but many meatball sellers use simple carts. Even so, the taste of the meatball cart also proved to be delicious.

Like 5 Meatballs in Bogor which is famous because the buyers are always booming. Here are the recommendations!

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1. Dragon Meatball

Meatballs Naga, Bakso Gerobakan in Bogor Photo: Instagram @bogoreeatery

One of a place to eat meatballs at a cart stall which is famous in Bogor is in the Naga Supermarket parking area. The name of this meatball stall is similar to the supermarket, namely Bakso Naga.

Warung Bakso Naga is already legendary, it has existed since 1980. Its operating hours are open every day starting at 9 am. The type of meatball offered is smooth meatball with a delicious clear sauce.

A portion of meatballs here can be mixed with vermicelli or kwetiau. The sambal concoction is also delicious, even though it’s not red. A bowl of Dragon Meatballs is offered starting from Rp. 13,000.

2. Mr. Sugeng’s meatballs

Mr. Sugeng's Meatballs, Viral Meatballs in Bogor that You Can Eat 50 Kg of Swallows a DayPak Sugeng’s Meatballs, Viral Meatballs in Bogor that You Can Eat 50 Kg of Swallows a Day Photo: detikFood/Yenny Mustika Sari

Warung Bakso Pak Sugeng is also a must try when visiting Bogor, West Java. This stall is housed in a house by parking the meatball cart in front of the terrace.

This shop is also legendary because it has been around since 1995. Previously it was managed by Mr. Sugeng, but now it was taken over by his son, Mr. No.

The type of meatball offered is a typical blend of Wonogiri, Central Java. Its distinctive feature is in the sauce that uses beef bone broth. In addition, the texture of the meatballs is soft and chewy, tends to be crispy and smooth.

There are also muscle meatballs that are excellent. To make it even more special, this meatball stall serves an abundance of tetelan. The price for a portion is only IDR 20,000.

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