Funny! This Group Account on Facebook Specially Loads Weird Food


There are several social media accounts that specifically display certain photos. On Facebook, there is an account specially created to rate messy food which makes you nauseous.

Seeing messy food, of course there is a feeling of irritation and wants to clean it up immediately. But there is a Facebook account that was created specifically to display various photos messy food.

Uniquely, the members of the Faceook community group will rate the level of messiness of a food. The more disgusting and nauseating it is, the higher the value and the more sought after.

Starting from spaghetti, bananas, eggs and various other spilled foods, you can find them on a Facebook account called ‘Cursed Foods’. His followers (followers) turned out to be so many.

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Here are 7 photos messy food from the ‘Cursed Food’ Facebook account:

These netizens were emotional after being sent pictures of spaghetti served with bananas as well as a toy car. Photo: boredpanda

1. Spaghetti Carbanana

Serving weird and messy food, a netizen uploaded a screenshot of her conversation with other people. He was sent a photo of a bowl of spaghetti combined with whole banana slices with the skin on and also some toy cars.

Sending a short reply of « Never text me again », it seems these netizens are really angry to see this dish called ‘Spaghetti Carbanana’. When uploaded to the Cursed Food account, this photo even got a rating of up to 253.

2. Meat Puzzle

Buying a puzzle which, when arranged in the form of Peppa Pig, seems to be difficult for these netizens to put together 500 pieces of the puzzle together. Instead of solving the puzzle, this netizen actually replaced the puzzle pieces with a pile of minced meat.

To make it faster, the minced meat he collected was shaped to follow the Peppa Pig character. The combination of the red color of the meat and the paler part of the fat has succeeded in making many netizens angry and at the same time praising the creativity of the netizens.

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