Getting Food from Customers, This Food Delivery Driver’s Response Makes Haru


Wrong address change when ordering food, this customer is kind enough to give his food to the food delivery driver. The response of the successful food delivery man was touched.

The touching incident came from a man in Washington DC. The man named Sha Davis recounted a touching experience when ordering food through an online delivery service.

At that time, Davis was ordering food at a restaurant called Chipotle. However, he forgot to change his address to a home address. His mistake made Davis annoyed with himself.

Because of that, Davis decided to give the food order to the food delivery driver. Davis explained that he forgot to change the address and didn’t want to bother the drivers.

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Ordered wrong food changed address illustration Photo: iStock

« So I forgot to change the address in the app Chipotle I. So I asked the driver to just take the food, because I forgot to change the address, » Davis wrote.

Davis’s decision made him feel touched by the response from the food delivery driver. The driver is very grateful for the sustenance on a meaningful day for him.

« I was annoyed with myself at first, but after reading this, I’m so happy to be moved, » Davis said, as quoted by Food NDTV.

In his upload, Davis also showed evidence of chatting with food delivery drivers. The driver said that he was very grateful, because he could have lunch.

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Furthermore, the food delivery driver also said that it was the birthday of his brother who had died and was buried not far from the delivery address.

Ordered wrong food changed addressMessage content between Davis and the food delivery driver Photo: Facebook

« I want to thank you again. I had lunch near his funeral. This means a lot to me, I really appreciate it, » said the food delivery driver.

Seeing the response of the food delivery driver, Davis understood that everything happens for a reason. Netizens responded to his viral post.

« Read this story live tears dripping. Doing good, no matter how small, means a lot, » wrote one netizen.

« That’s right, there must be a reason behind an incident, » wrote another netizen.

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