Golf Enthusiasts among Millennials Increase During the Pandemic

The restriction POLICY carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic has made outdoor sports more attractive to the public, especially millennials. One of the most popular sports is golf.

« In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the golf industry has actually made good progress or progress. There are more and more participants, even millennials have high interest. I can see that the atmosphere on the golf course seems enthusiastic, » said Director of PT Leonian Golf Indonesia, Wisnu Sanjaya when introducing the golf club. brand new Callaway Rogue ST 22 at Suvarna Jakarta Golf Club.

It is said that many young or millennial players are under 30 years old. Golf is now favored by millennials, including the increasing number of driving range facilities.

They like the sport of golf which is done in the open in the hot sun. Another advantage in the midst of the current pandemic is that players keep their distance and bring their own equipment such as golf clubs, balls and others.

« So in golf the application of health protocols or health protocols can still run well.’ said Vishnu.

Alluding to the impression that is still lingering in the community that golf is known as a luxurious and exclusive sport. He admits that socializing and promoting golf still takes a long time. For him, the more millennials who like the sport of golf, the more this sport will be accepted by the wider community.

« In the past, millennials were still around 5 percent, now around 30 percent of millennials are playing golf, » he said.

Indonesian Golfer Artist, Ade Herlina, admitted that he was just starting. Dive into golf, he became interested in golf due to the pandemic situation. Finally, Ade feels that golf is an elite and expensive sport being eroded. Because if you focus on other sports, if you focus on developing yourself, then the need for large costs is natural.

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Senior golfer Suharsono assesses that the high price of golf equipment is relative. He gave an example of cycling which is also loved by the public with various types of bicycles that cost tens of millions and are quite expensive. « If people have a hobby, I think the price is no longer a problem, » said Suharsono.

For example, one of the newest golf club products, the Callaway Rogue ST 22, which is currently being marketed, costs up to Rp. 8 million per piece. On the other hand, there are still the same brands with higher prices.

Wisnu added that Callaway Golf in the US, a technologically advanced golf company that provides leading golf equipment, clothing and entertainment, has officially announced their newest Rogue ST product which consists of Drivers, Fairway Woods, Irons, and Hybrids worldwide.

Leonian Golf Indonesia is also marketing the new product and will be present in Indonesia, available at all major golf retailers throughout Indonesia in March 2022.

According to Wisnu, Callaway Rogue ST Drivers, these new drivers are the fastest and most stable Callaway drivers ever, with industry-leading innovations that create breakthroughs in performance.

Certain weights (up to 26 grams) are placed low and on the all-new Tungsten Speed ​​Cartridge in the head for increased speed, stability and high MOI.

In addition, there are various models, including Rogue ST MAX: Callaway’s best combination for distance and forgiveness, suitable for almost all players. Rogue ST MAX D:. Special model for players who need shot shape correction. Rogue ST MAX LS: Stronger trajectory, lower spin, and neutral ball flight. Rogue ST MAX FAST: Lighter head with increased ball speed and more draw bias, and more other. (RO/OL-7)