Haven’t been to Bali yet? Just go to the ‘beach’ in South Tangerang…


South Tangerang does not run out of ideas about gathering places. One of them is a place with a Balinese concept.

The name of this place is Ciater Beach. The location is at Jalan Kampung Pondok Sentul No.45, Ciater, Kec. Serpong, South Tangerang City. As the name implies, this place presents a Balinese beach atmosphere with a variety of tropical cuisine.

When you go inside, a traveler can see that this place is arranged in such a way that the atmosphere of the beach is felt. All of the land is covered with sand, complete with a coconut tree in the middle. Also, there are beach benches that tourists can use to take ‘beach style’ photos.

It’s not a big place, but there are plenty of seating options for visitors. There are sofas, wooden benches, you can choose which one makes the traveler comfortable.

Ciater Beach in South Tangerang Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

The number of seats is also a lot. So no matter how many people come, this place has enough tables to accommodate visitors. Starting from couples, family gatherings, to meeting co-workers are also comfortable here.

The beach-style atmosphere is also supported by the staff who wear beach shirts. Their decoration is also total. This place uses a neatly arranged thatched roof.

All of this is also equipped with decorations such as surf boards, Balinese umbrellas, signposts, and instagramable photo spots. Don’t miss relaxing music with a loud volume echoing to accompany the traveler to eat here.

detik.com had time to visit Ciater Beach in the afternoon. Looks like this place is crowded with family groups. Even more so at night, dominated by families who want to have dinner.

Ciater Beach in South TangerangCiater Beach in South Tangerang Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

Winda, one of the visitors, said happy was here because the decor was interesting. There are also a variety of table options.

« It’s an interesting place to take photos. The atmosphere is also good for a family gathering place, » said Winda.

Likewise, another visitor, Aulia, was also happy. He came with his partner.

They like this place because of the very Balinese atmosphere and the food that fits on the tongue.

« It’s a fun place, isn’t it. Also the food is pretty good, » said Aulia.

Ciater Beach in South TangerangCiater Beach in South Tangerang Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

Ciater Beach has a variety of facilities that visitors can enjoy. Starting from a large parking area, prayer room, toilets, wifi, available here.

The food and drink menu is also diverse. Call it gyudon, spicy sour ribs, tomyum, fried rice, baby crab, spaghetti, chicken teriyaki and others.

If a traveler doesn’t want to eat and just wants a snack, they also have a variety of snacks. Such as, fried cassava, potato wedges, risoles, cheese fries, club sandwiches, to salads.

The drinks also vary with the characteristics of the beach style too. There are many fresh drinks that a traveler can choose from, such as orange juice, coconut ice, various smoothies, mango juice, various teas, and various coffees.

For the price, food starts from Rp. 30 thousand and drinks from Rp. 25 thousand. Regarding opening hours, Ciater Beach is open on weekdays 09.00 WIB – 21.30 WIB and weekends 08.00 WIB – 23.00 WIB.

Well, let’s try the ‘beach’ of South Tangerang.

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