Indonesian Man Dating Japanese Woman, Dating at Pasar Senen, Viral Makes Envy


The love story of this couple from different countries has become the talk of netizens on social media. This man from Rokan Hilir, Pekanbaru, Riau is dating a beautiful woman from Japan.

He took his girlfriend from Japan on a date by taking a walk to Pasar Senen. Through an upload on Pratama’s TikTok account @kuda_pirang, Pratama shows the moment he invites his girlfriend to eat Padang cuisine at Pasar Senen.

Next, he took a walk around Pasar Senen. His girlfriend, who is a Japanese woman, admitted that she had never seen the same market conditions in her country. The Japanese woman also looks happy when invited for a walk.

“Her smile no there is medicine #kawaii #cewejepang #wibu #couple. She says no there is a market like this in Japan,” wrote the TikTok account @kuda_pirang.

Pratama invites Yuri to eat Padang rice at Senen Market, Central Jakarta. Photo: Doc. TikTok @kuda_blonde.

The video of a man named Pratama taking his girlfriend, a Japanese woman, to Pasar Senen has been watched by more than 1.5 million views. There are netizens who praise her boyfriend’s beauty and envy Primary.

“Those who said they asked for marriage suddenly realized… Bro, outside girls rarely look physically… their tastes are different from Indonesian girls,” said the account user @Milan.

“Invite you to marry, bang, you will realize later,” laughed the @ULTRAMEN account .

“Portrait of the employer playing in the driver’s villageπŸ˜‚,” said the @Zaki Arslan97 account.

“Bang you got a girl as beautiful as that and how good is the prayer ,” said the account @hachi satboy.

“Don’t forget to take people’s children seriously πŸ˜‚,” said the @π•²π–Žπ–‘π–†π–“π–ŒπŸͺ account.

“It’s like Haruka ex JKT48, bang,” replied the account @Nastusha.

“Keep healthy, bro, you’re lucky, the serious guy,” amazed the @DOUBT account.

@kuda_pirang Her smile has no medicine #kawaii #cewejepang #wibu #couple ♬ original voice – Yuri Pratama

Wolipop Confirm

Wolipop has contacted Pratama who uploaded the viral video. He said the woman in the video, his girlfriend named Yuri (20 years) who came from Japan.

Pratama uploaded a moment when he invited Yuri to explore Pasar Senen, Central Jakarta. The eldest of three siblings explained Yuri’s reaction when he was invited to Pasar Senen.

“He was surprised because the market atmosphere in Indonesia is different from Japan, there are lots of good food and drink booths but with cheap prices compared to Japan,” said Pratama to Wolipop, Tuesday (28/6/2022).

The 22-year-old said Yuri was amazed by the friendly food vendors at Pasar Senen. The girlfriend who comes from Japan is also addicted to buying fried foods.

“He’s also happy because the salespeople are friendly, he’s even addicted to time atbuy it fries,” he explained.

The uploaded video is viral on social media, he admits that he just uploaded it on his TikTok account for fun. “About the viral video, I didn’t expect it to go viral, because at first we were just having fun, in the first video I just wanted to tell my friends that Idate at the mall it’s really mainstream, that’s why I reply with a video we’re doingdate in the market,” he said.