Indonesian Men’s Tennis Team Meets Hosts in SEA Games Opening Match

The Indonesian men’s team will challenge the host in the opening match of the men’s team tennis of the Vietnam SEA Games in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, Friday (13/5).

Vietnam, which is in the second seed position, only relies on Southeast Asia’s best single, ranked 466th in the world, Noam Hoang Ly, without the presence of imported players. This actually makes Red and White, as a non-seed, have a great opportunity to make a surprise.

The coach of the men’s team, Febi Widhiyanto, is optimistic that his children will win.

“It all depends on the motivation of the tennis player,” he said in a written statement.

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The men’s team will have a composition like when they hosted Venezuela in the Davis Cup in early March, with Christopher Rungkat being the second single to start the match.

Even though he only focuses on playing doubles in world competitions, Christo is still a frightening specter for the second single from any country in Southeast Asia.

In the Davis Cup Group II Playoff match, Christo even managed to silence Venezuela’s best seed, Luis David Martinez, in straight sets.

Christo is expected to repeat his success in the opening match of the men’s team at the SEA Games this time, so that it can be the main motivation trigger for Indonesia’s Muhammad Rifqi Fitriadi to face opponents.

Even so, the coach, Febi, who was one of the retainers to win the gold for the men’s team at the 2003 SEA Games in Hanoi, had prepared a strategy if the Indonesian men’s team could not win outright.

The Christo/Rifqi duet will be placed in the decisive match, if it must be played, to complete the fight. The composition of the duo proved successful when the Indonesian Davis team won over Venezuela last March. (Ant/OL-1)