Indonesian Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team Wins Bronze

The Indonesian men’s wheelchair basketball branch won a bronze medal at the ASEAN Para Games (APG) XI 2022 at GOR Sritex Arena, Solo, Central Java, Sunday (31/7), after defeating the Cambodian men’s team, with a score of 9-5.

Meanwhile, the Philippines team had to settle for a silver medal after being defeated by the strongest wheelchair basketball men’s team in Southeast Asia, Thailand with a score of 12-22. Thailand managed to win gold.

The key to the success of the Indonesian basketball team was in third place and was entitled to a bronze medal because from the early minutes they were able to play calmly against Cambodia.

This was emphasized by I Komang Suparta, a member of the wheelchair basketball team (3×3). Komang also admitted that he was proud because he and his teammates were able to play calmly, to control the ball, and to excel in rebounding over Cambodia.

Cambodia in the early minutes managed to produce 2 points, while Indonesia is still zero. However, Suparta, Kasep Ayatulloh, and Ivo Shadan who played solidly were able to equalize to 2-2.

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After that, the score for the Indonesian team shot up to leave Cambodia with a score of 9-3. The host then locked the win with a score of 9-5 which was greeted with joy by the supporters who were at GOR Sritex.

“Indonesia managed to win over Cambodia thanks to friends playing solid and calmer so that many of their shots resulted in points,” Suparti said. Indonesian Media after the game.

Meanwhile, the coach of the Indonesian men’s wheelchair basketball team, Fajar Brillianto, praised the players for being able to play calmly, until they finally managed to win.

“Actually, the abilities of our friends are not yet complete, all of them are only 60%. If they can come out 100%, maybe the results will be different. Maybe if we have more flight hours, of course the results in APG XI will be even more optimal,” said Fajar.

After the APG, he will try to make the Indonesian team often try out abroad, to increase flight hours. “If you have a lot of experience, it will certainly affect the game in the future,” he concluded.

In the women’s section, the Cambodia wheelchair basketball team won and was entitled to a gold medal after overthrowing Thailand with a score of 7-5. That way, Thailand won silver. Laos won bronze after beating the Philippines 4-0. (Rif/OL-16)