Indonesian Swimming Athletes Invited to Training Center in Budapest

The parent of the world swimming sport, FINA, invited two Indonesian athletes to hold a training camp in Budapest, Hungary as an effort to help improve the performance of national swimmers.

This was stated by the Chairperson of the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) Raja Sapta Oktohari after meeting with FINA President Husain AHZ Al-Musallam in Kuwait. The meeting is a series of KOI’s international diplomacy in Asia in 2022.

« This international diplomacy produces positive news. Indonesia gets three advantages to help improve swimming achievements, ranging from scholarships, coaching, to providing a place for Indonesian representatives at FINA, » said Raja Sapta in a press release, quoted Tuesday (5/4).

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Okto, Raja Sapta’s nickname, said that FINA promised to provide full scholarships to two swimmers, one male and one female, to undergo training camp in Budapest.

In addition to providing scholarships, FINA also promised to fulfill KOI’s request to place two Indonesian representatives at FINA.

« With the presence of our representatives at FINA, it is hoped that they can play an active role so that they can support and have a positive impact on the development of Indonesian sports, including regulations and other matters, » said Okto.

« I hope this advantage can help improve Indonesia’s swimming achievements. Moreover, swimming is the mother of sport competed in the Olympics, and this is in line with our mission, which is to penetrate the world stage, » he continued.

FINA also, said Okto, will send an Indonesian-Dutch Olympian, Ranomi Kromowidjoyo, to Indonesia to help promote swimming at the grassroots and regional levels, as well as help young and elite swimmers to improve their performance. (Ant/OL-1)