Inspired by Siska Kohl, TikToker Makes Martabak Filled with Nasi Padang


Inspired by Sisca Kohl, this food vlogger, ordered an egg martabak with a unique filling, namely Nasi Padang, a side dish of rendang. Here’s how to do it!

As the name implies, egg martabak is a variant of savory martabak with egg filling. The type of egg that can be made can be chicken eggs or duck eggs to make it more special.

However, this food vlogger who exists with a TikTok account @_indofoodies has an egg martabak creation that is no less special, namely an egg martabak filled with Padang rice with rendang as a side dish.

He ordered his creation at a legendary martabak outlet, Martabak Pecenongan 78. For his Padang rice, he bought it himself at a different restaurant.

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Nasi Padang is first chopped first Photo: TikTok @_indofoodies

Then, he brought rice field to the martabak outlet and asked the waiter to make his own creation. He said that he was inspired by Sisca Kohl.

« Sisca Kohl likes to make unique ice cream, it’s Padang rice ice cream. Well, I also want to make a unique martabak filled with Padang rice, » he said in a video confirmed by detikFood (01/04)

First, the Padang rice is chopped first. The rendang is also shredded into smaller pieces. Then, the Padang rice is mixed into the egg and seasoning mixture.

After that, the process is the same as making egg martabak in general. Starting from preparing the martabak skin, frying the martabak skin and adding the filling.

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Egg martabak filled with Padang riceNasi Padang is mixed and then cooked on martabak skin Photo: TikTok @_indofoodies

The martabak is then fried until the skin color turns golden brown. Then, it is cut into squares and it looks like the filling is much denser than ordinary martabak.

Even the rendang meat looks tempting when used as a martabak filling. The video of the creation of martabak filled with Padang rice immediately attracted the attention of netizens.

« This is a good idea, I think it fits, » wrote a netizen.

« Oops, this martabak filled with Padang rice does it have to use rice again, doesn’t it? » wrote another netizen.

Food vlogger @_indofoodies is known by the nickname ‘CEO of Martabak Receh’. In his TikTok videos he often orders martabak with his own creations.

Starting from martabak sultan with abundant filling, all green martabak, pink sera martabak, fruit martabak, martabak samyang and much more.

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