Is it permissible to drink water from the mother’s feet in Islam?


Wanting to show proof of filial piety to their mother, some even wash their feet and then drink the water that was washed away. Is this taught in Islam?

Muslims must know that Paradise under the mother’s feet. In a hadith, the Prophet Muhammad also emphasized to be devoted to the new mother and father.

Even the suggestion of filial piety to mother is mentioned three times, only then is father. There are many ways to show devotion to mothers who are already pregnant, giving birth and caring.

A familiar practice is kissing the mother’s feet. Not only that, there was even someone who washed the mother’s feet, then the water that was washed was drunk.

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The law of drinking water that was washed by the mother’s feet is not taught in Islam Photo: iStock

Not a few also think that drinking the water used by the mother’s feet can bring prosperity to life. is practice is it taught in Islam?

Buya Yahya through his YouTube channel (22/01/18) explained that kissing mother’s feet is allowed, but drinking water that was washed by mother’s feet is not allowed at all.

« Kissing mother’s feet is justified, but not drinking the water that was washed by mother’s feet. There is no where the story came from, » he said.

Furthermore, Buya Yahyah explained that so far there has been no education that teaches to drink water that is used by the mother’s feet. Because the water is dirty.

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Ruling on drinking water used for washing mother's feetThere is no argument that recommends drinking water used for washing mother’s feet. Photo: iStock

« It’s not dirty, how about it, but if the soles of the feet are made to step on here and there, they must be dirty. It’s useless to drink the used water, but talking to my mother is still yelling, » said Buya Yahya.

Drinking water used for washing feet is dirty and can cause disease. So not allowed at all. Except for kissing the mother’s feet, this habit was once practiced by the Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

After all, there is no argument that recommends drinking water that was washed by the mother’s feet. And it is considered as excessive and excessive action is not allowed.

Quoted from, the law drink water from washing your feet is okay as long as you don’t believe that after drinking the water you will get good things and their effects.

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