It used to be slum, the river in Jember was beautified to become a selfie place


Thanks to the cooperation of the residents, the slum river in Jember has been successfully cleaned and beautified. Now even more people come to take pictures.

The river is located in Krajan Hamlet, Sukorambi Village, Sukorambi District, Jember. The river with a flow of 500 meters with a diameter of 4 meters is now a favorite for residents to gather.

Why not, apart from being clean, the surrounding environment is also painted colorfully. Because it spoils the eye, many are interested in coming there.

According to a resident named Syafi’i, the painting was an initiative submitted by the Village Head (Kades) of Sukorambi, Abdus So’im, who was concerned about the large amount of garbage that made the river slum. Even though the river flow for irrigation is adjacent to the local mosque. Worried about polluting the environment.

« So this inter-RT/RW community meeting was held. A decision was made on how to paint it. But to make it attractive and look beautiful, the colors were chosen, » said Syafi’i.

Colorful river in Jember. Photo: Yakub Mulyono

The choice of color was not wrong. Because now after being painted, the impression of shabby and dirty from the flow of the irrigation river becomes more beautiful. Not even a few residents or motorcyclists who pass by are curious about the location of the river flow.

These colorful slabs and walls were viral on social media and eventually became a target for residents to take selfies.

A resident of Jember Kidul Village, Kaliwates District, Sugik, admitted that he came to the location after learning about it from social media Instagram. He is interested in the creativity of the residents who make the river flow beautiful and attractive.

« I first heard about it from social media on Instagram. At first I was curious where it was. It turned out to be in Sukorambi near the market. I think this is a creative idea, and can be used to protect the environment. Because it is proven, the environment is clean. I salute the solidarity of these residents, » said the man who came with his 2 children and wife to take a selfie.

Sugik said, with a simple creative idea, it could provide many benefits. Apart from protecting the environment, it also has the potential to attract tourists.

« Maybe something similar can be a creative idea to protect the environment. There is no need for activities to always clean the river. In this way, I am sure that the environment is clean, » he said.

« Moreover, the location of the market, as far as I know, was slum. But now it’s very clean. Wow, this is great. It’s rare for the market to become a selfie location and it’s very instagramable, » he added.

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